Sakura Taisen Paris: Hana-gumi Revue Mont Paris 2012 live on NicoVideo on 12/28

With just 15 years of stage shows, the Sakura Taisen series is still going strong in Japan. A new stage show will be performed at the Aoyama Theater and features the return of the Paris Kagekidan (Flower Division) from Sakura Wars 3 who are also the voice actors for the characters in the game series. The play will also feature new variety and two new characters. There will be 3 performances live on December 28th-29th on Nico Nico Video so everyone can get a chance to see Noriko Hidaka sing “Good Morning, Boujour”. Hope to see the Teikou Kagekidan gets the same treatment next year. Check out the list of the cast and a preview video by hitting the jump.


Binary Domain’s TGS Stage Show Was Awesome, Watch It Here

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Yes, Binary Domain had us questioning how good the game would be. Well, that was until we saw their TGS Stage Show for the title, spanning a little over 20 minutes. The gameplay looks awesome and the Japanese voice acting talent has people from the Yakuza franchise returning. As you know, the voice acting in the Yakuza games is fantastic.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Watch the video above.

[Thanks: Suzuki Yu]