Sonic Talk #27 “You’re too slow!”


Well, better late than never! This episode was supposed to go up about two weeks ago, but since I had to report on E3, things got super busy and I just didn’t have the time until now. We’ll be doing another one on E3 and Sonic Revolution soon, but for now check out our initial impressions on NotMarin-err Sticks, early preview videos of both Sonic Boom games and more! We also added an addendum to talk about mor-

GX – Shut up Shigs.

….Fine. Enjoy the podcast folks!

New Sonic Boom character revealed – presenting Sticks the Badger

For several months, concept art for Sonic Boom has been making the rounds on social networks, and one photo featured a character that looked very much like Sonic Rush Adventure‘s Marine. The importance of this unnamed character became apparent when what appeared to be leaked tradeshow signage featured this new character standing amongst the four main character. Today, SEGA has revealed that this new character is named Sticks the Badger. After the break, check out SEGA’s official announcement as well as a reveal video!