E3 2012: Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz Hands On

Hardcore has returned to Super Monkey Ball. After being completely absent from the disappointing 3DS release, SEGA is bringing the difficulty back to the franchise in what looks to be the strongest handheld entry in the series yet.

Several modes were available in the E3 demo: Beginner’s Mode, Advanced Mode, Monkey Bowling, Love Maze and a stage generator mode. Beginner’s mode is exactly what it sounds like: easy Monkey Ball levels. People who are either new to the franchise or want to freshen up on easier levels can play this mode without worrying about being brutalized by the game’s difficulty. It is essentially like the early levels of any Monkey Ball game.

Super Monkey Ball Vita gets new trailer and gameplay video

The above video is a gameplay demonstration held by Playstation Japan. The video shows off Vita only modes and gameplay. Pretty neat I guess.


Even though the game has already been announced for America and Europe, today is the official reveal for the Japanese market. In Japan the game is going to be called Super Monkey Ball Tokumori Asovita.” Check out the debut Japanese trailer after the break.

Super Monkey Ball Vita allows you to create a level by taking a photo

SEGA said that the newly announce Super Monkey Ball Vita would be using the PSP’s camera, but never said how. The latest TGS trailer gives us a glimpse on one thing you can use the camera for, creating levels. If you watch the trailer towards the end, they take a picture of a banana and the game makes a course out of it.

As for what you can do with the levels, if there will be online sharing like LittleBigPlanet and if you can have more specific tools is not known. But its a pretty cool feature, hopefully its not half baked ideas like Monkey Fight and Racing on Super Monkey Ball 3D.

[Thanks: Shadi]

Super Monkey Ball for Playstation Vita officially announced

So we already know that Super Monkey Ball (aka it doesn’t have an official name yet) is coming for the Playstation Vita. Don’t fear, we have some new info and a trailer (look above you!)

  • AiAi, MeeMee, Baby and GonGon all set to return.
  • Will support tilt functions, front/back touch or dual analog sticks for controls.
  • Multiplayer to support up to four players via wifi.
As for release date, all SEGA has said is that it is coming out in 2012. Who is excited for another Super Monkey Ball game? 
[Source: SEGA.Blog]