SEGA of Japan teasing new game – most likely a Japanese release of the Korean game Chaos Online

SEGA of Japan have posted up a teaser site for an upcoming game, with the date of “2.12” being the only text floating atop a series of painted fantasy lanscapes. Could it be a new Phantasy Star? A Sonic Chronicles 2? Shenmue 1.5: How Goro Got His Groove Back? No, the game being teased is in fact a Korean massive online battle arena game known as Chaos Online. Most likely, SEGA will be localizing and releasing it for Japan. As you can see after visiting the site, the above image appears in the rotation, without the character and game logo of course. Most likely, the game will not be released outside of Japan, so as they say “move along, move along”.

Thanks to SEGAbits forum members Trippled and Aki-at for the news tip and for solving the mystery.

SEGA of Japan teases new game entitled “Code of Joker”

A teaser website for a new SEGA game has popped up at the address Only a title, Code of Joker, and a date of February 1st are given. Given the card based title, the game could be a new card based arcade game. In mid-February, SEGA will have the biggest booth at the Japan Amusement Expo, so this could very well be an arcade game that will debut at the show. Another possibility is that it is a console, handheld, or mobile title. But given the timing, and name, arcade is the strongest possibility.

Special thanks to SEGAbits forum member Aki-at for the news tip!

SEGA launches teaser site for Goro Majima’s Yakuza game

Goro Majima, a man known for destruction and being a bit bat shit crazy. Well, in the next Yakuza game, you will be able to step into his very pointy shoes. SEGA have now confirmed that this PS3 game will be coming soon, at least information, at TGS 2010.

The game will have fundamental changes. The game will keep the level of drama, adventure and fighting from previous games. Also revealed, the ‘new hostess’ contest that everyone thought was for the PSP Yakuza game, was actually for this one. So hostess will return with Majima’s charm.

[Source: SEGA Teaser via AndriaSang]