New SEGA Japan teaser site –

SEGA Japan has just launched a new teaser site for an upcoming game that will be revealed on September 16th. Just in time for the Tokyo Game Show! The URL for the teaser site is

SEGA Japan recently registered as a domain name not too long ago. Also, 1935 is the year of the original Valkyria Chronicles game. I think it is pretty safe to assume this game is going to be Valkyria Chronicles 3!

[Source: Neogaf]

SEGA launches teaser site for Goro Majima’s Yakuza game

Goro Majima, a man known for destruction and being a bit bat shit crazy. Well, in the next Yakuza game, you will be able to step into his very pointy shoes. SEGA have now confirmed that this PS3 game will be coming soon, at least information, at TGS 2010.

The game will have fundamental changes. The game will keep the level of drama, adventure and fighting from previous games. Also revealed, the ‘new hostess’ contest that everyone thought was for the PSP Yakuza game, was actually for this one. So hostess will return with Majima’s charm.

[Source: SEGA Teaser via AndriaSang]

New Yakuza game to appear at TGS

Some new details on an unannounced Yakuza game have emerged online, stating that they don’t know yet if it will be a numbered title. The information coming from Famitsu suggest that it will star, our favorite bad guy, Goro Majima!

  • The main character is Goro Majima
  • The story will be something that could not be done for anyone but Majima
  • The keyword and concept for the game are “Destruction”
  • Game systems will see changes at the most fundamental levels
  • Details on the game will be announced at September’s Tokyo Game Show

It should be interesting playing as Majima, seeing as he is the most intresting character in the Yakuza series. No platform has been announced yet, but its safe to assume it will be on the Playstation 3. Maybe they will shock us and make it a Nintendo 3DS title?

[Source: AndriaSang]