New Yakuza game to appear at TGS

Some new details on an unannounced Yakuza game have emerged online, stating that they don’t know yet if it will be a numbered title. The information coming from Famitsu suggest that it will star, our favorite bad guy, Goro Majima!

  • The main character is Goro Majima
  • The story will be something that could not be done for anyone but Majima
  • The keyword and concept for the game are “Destruction”
  • Game systems will see changes at the most fundamental levels
  • Details on the game will be announced at September’s Tokyo Game Show

It should be interesting playing as Majima, seeing as he is the most intresting character in the Yakuza series. No platform has been announced yet, but its safe to assume it will be on the Playstation 3. Maybe they will shock us and make it a Nintendo 3DS title?

[Source: AndriaSang]


8 responses to “New Yakuza game to appear at TGS

  1. matty says:

    The last Yakuza game I played was the demo for 2.

  2. Orta says:

    Oh god, this is starting to sound like some serious milking.

  3. Aki-at says:

    With everything they added in Yakuza PSP, I am interested to see what they are going to be adding this time round, especially considering it has Majima in it.

  4. cube_b3 says:

    I amit that I am not a fan of the Yakuza series, they are over rated but a game surrounding Majima does sound interesting, if only Mark Hamill can return for the voice it would be AAA.

  5. Sharky says:

    I wont buy Yakuza PSP… Not interested in handhelds but I WILL buy a Yakuza game starring Goro Majima.

    But it looks like this series is going to be milked to death…. fucking poor Sega. So many series that are in dire need of attention and you milk just one into an eairly grave.

  6. Sega Uranus says:

    Nagoshi, before you go onto more Yakuza games please make a high quality product of any of the below:

    Sonic the Hedgehog, Shinobi, Super Monkey Ball, Ecco the Dolphin, Shining, Golden Axe, Clockwork Knight, Vectorman, Ristar, Streets of Rage, Panzer Dragoon, Trouble Shooter, Fantasy Zone, Skies of Arcadia, Astal, Gain Ground, NiGHTS, Monster World or seriously anything…

    Now that SEGA feels the need to over-establish their only good RPG series anymore and publish them exclusively on limited platforms to a limited market it is really just getting sad now. Majima is easily the most loved character in the franchise, but it is pretty obvious barely any of us care because there are now three releases in the series that are completely up in the air for most of us, and another one that we have to wait another year for.

  7. Kylonthomas1 says:

    Majima is a good guy not bad……on yakuza 3. He( helps) u

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