SEGA PC games being discounted up to 90%! Check out these weekend deals

(above image by DeviantART user: Shadic592)

This weekend is going to be huge for SEGA PC gamers, there are tons of sales across the internet, some on Steam and others on other websites like Gamefly. So let’s get started! 

Steam: Make War Not Love sale 


Green Man Gaming

GameFly Digital: SEGA classics sale

(Note: All the games on sale by Gamefly use Games for Windows Live, which is being discontinued on July 1st, 2014. That means that the online portions of the games will remain offline, the games will still be playable on offline accounts.)

Want Sonic PC games released on Vote!

If you have never used (aka Good Old Games) than you are missing out. The service is a retro store of PC games, most of these older games don’t work on Windows 7, so the team tinkers around to get them running. Games are reasonably priced and have zero DRM. Zero DRM means you can download and install it on as many PCs as you want. No limit. You can install it in all of your friend’s computers and force them to play Sonic games all day. has a ‘wishlist’ section where users cast a vote for games they would love to have on the service. Luckily for SEGA, the wishlist is packing quite a few Sonic titles…

Bizarre Creation’s Farewell Video

Bizarre Creations is the studio that teamed up with SEGA to bring us titles such as Metropolis Street Racer and The Club. The studio was bought by Activision after they released The Club with SEGA and now they are being let go.

We posted about this happening a few months ago, now it’s official and this is their farewell video. Hopefully all employees find work.

SEGA games 25% off on STEAM

Do you like SEGA games?
Do you like PC games?
Do you like good deals?

If so, hopefully you have STEAM. If not, you will need STEAM if you want to take advantage of STEAM’s 25% off SEGA games sale. This SALE is for every SEGA game on STEAM… so buy until your heart is content!

An example of some games on sale are the Total War games, Football Manager, Mega Drive classics, THE CLUB, and SEGA All-Stars Racing.