Want Sonic PC games released on GOG.com? Vote!

If you have never used GOG.com (aka Good Old Games) than you are missing out. The service is a retro store of PC games, most of these older games don’t work on Windows 7, so the team tinkers around to get them running. Games are reasonably priced and have zero DRM. Zero DRM means you can download and install it on as many PCs as you want. No limit. You can install it in all of your friend’s computers and force them to play Sonic games all day.

GOG.com has a ‘wishlist’ section where users cast a vote for games they would love to have on the service. Luckily for SEGA, the wishlist is packing quite a few Sonic titles…

Quite a bit of selection to vote on. If you have not notice, these titles need your voting power. Other SEGA titles in the wishlist include Binary Domain, The Club, Shogun: Total War (all Total War titles) and lots more.



3 responses to “Want Sonic PC games released on GOG.com? Vote!

  1. Centrale says:

    Bless GOG for releasing a working version of the 1997 classic, Interstate ’76.

    Don’t reckon I’ve ever played a Sega PC game though. I expect PSO2 to be the first!

  2. sonicplayer says:

    no love for sonic adventure 2 sigh

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