SEGA promoting Sonic Generations via The Simpsons

SEGA is going to put in some big money for Sonic Generations advertisement. Starting October 1st through December 31st you will be able to catch Sonic Generation adverts when the Simpsons go to ad breaks. Yes, SEGA & Sonic Generation are sponsoring new Simpson episodes.

“It’s on air every single day of the week and at a perfect time of day for dads and sons to watch TV.40 per cent of boys will see the idents over 60 times, an incredible frequency.” – SEGA’s UK marketing director Amanda Far

It seems that this is only confirmed for the UK at least. They will air the adverts across SKY 1, SKY HD and SKY Anytime. As for US marketing, they haven’t played their cards right. Don’t think they will be spending big bucks like in the UK, where Sonic is more popular.

[Source: MCV]

SEGA in the Media: Sonic and the Simpsons


As a child of the late 80’s and early 90’s, two of my biggest obsessions were Sonic the Hedgehog and The Simpsons. Despite having very little to do with each other, both franchises were at their heights in the early 90’s. Sonic’s first game saw release in the summer of 1991, just as The Simpsons were nearing the end of their second season, debuting a number of episodes that came to define the series and showed that they had greatly improved upon the so-so first season. The Simpsons had also invaded the world of video games in 1991, with the release of Konami’s The Simpsons Arcade and, of note to SEGA fans, a number of Master System, Game Gear and Genesis titles. 1993 saw the release of The Simpsons Comics series and Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog, both still in print to this day, a rare feat for licensed comics.

It was only a matter of time before The Simpsons and Sonic crossed paths by way of The Simpsons propensity to reference popular culture. In this week’s SEGA in the Media we take a look at all the moments Sonic appeared on The Simpsons!