Buy Total War: Rome 2 and get into the Total War: Arena beta

If you purchase SEGA’s Total War: Rome 2 title you will be granted early access to Creative Assembly’s side project, Total War: Arena. If you haven’t heard, Total War: Arena is going to be a free-to-play MOBA title (think DOTA 2, League of Legends).

That isn’t all though, along with early access players will receive a exclusive ‘Legion Armoury’ bonus and roughly $15 dollars of in -game currency. According to SEGA, this title maybe a MOBA game, but they say its nothing like DOTA or League of Legends.

Total War: Rome 2 comes out September 3rd worldwide!

Total War: Rome 2 Gets a Release Date, Pre-order DLC and a Collector’s Edition

While we’ve already seen a whole bunch of neat stuff from Total War: Rome 2, there have been no details for when people can actually play the game. So today SEGA revealed on their blog that the global release date is September 3rd, 2013 for both digital stores like Steam and retail.

Of course, a game launch wouldn’t be complete without some pre-order DLC, which the above video shows off. This DLC is called the Greek States Culture Pack and will feature three new factions: Epirus, Athens and Sparta. This will be available on Steam on the same day as the full game for those who pre-order it. SEGA also revealed a pricey Collector’s Edition for the game, hit the jump to see what it includes.

Total War: Rome 2: 10 minutes of gameplay

Above is ten minutes of narrated gameplay. This video is showing an ambush, watch as the Romans are chased out.

The above battle is based on a real battle where Germanic tribes happen to ambush and slaughter three Roman legions.  Total War: Rome 2 is set to come out later this year.

Total War fan dies from cancer, gets immortalized in Rome 2

Last year a 24-year-old Total War fan named James was the first to play Creative Assembly’s Total War: Rome 2. He was given interviews, tours and even had his suggestions for the title. James is now being immortalized in the upcoming Rome 2, turning into a Roman solider in the full game when it comes out later this year.

Sadly after the visit James lost his battle with liver cancer and died. James’ trip to Creative Assembly was organized by the charity organization known as Willow as part of its Special Day initiative. It is basically a sort of ‘make a wish’ in the US where people with terminally illness get a day to do what they always wanted.  You can check out more of James’ story over at Eurogamer’s article. Good read. 

Total War: Rome 2 gets trailer and in-game screenshots

The gameplay trailer above is a recreation of “The Battle of Teutoburg”, a battle where the Roman Empire lost. Being ambushed by Germanic cheiftain, double-crossing and all that jazz is present. After the trailer, there is a link to a real-life trailer teaser that was released before.

Even though it isn’t in-game footage, some of the tatics seen here will be usable in the game. I can’t wait for my army to roll those flaming boulders at the upcoming enemy! Rome 2 is set to come out ‘the latter half of the year’. Well, I thought it was suppose to be out April? Nooo! Also hit the jump to see some in-game screenshots!