SNK to reveal “new Classic NEOGEO project” at Atlus/SEGA’s EVO 2017 booth


[EDIT: It seems that the project is actually Samurai Shodown V Special being done by Code Mystics (who has a bad track record) for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game will be playable at the booth in its beta form.]

SNK tweeted early this morning that they have a secret, unannounced “new Classic NEOGEO project” to show at this year’s EVO 2017 and will be shown off at Atlus/SEGA’s booth. They even ask in the tweet what it could be. Well, lets talk about what it could be. Lots of SNK fans are thinking this is a new entry into a old ‘NEOGEO IP’ because they teased it as a new project, making them think this is a brand new game from the ground up based on a IP that appeared on NEOGEO hardware.

The thing is that SNK had a premier line up on NEOGEO hardware but I’m leaning that this could be a new Garou: Mark of Wolves, considering it was revealed that SNK was working on Garou: Mark of Wolves 2 before they started up King of Fighters XIV. Not to mention, it will be shown off at EVO 2017, which is a fighting game tournament. But SNK also has Samurai Showdown and Art of Fighting brands, so it can be anything. The other reason this is making me think its a big, boxed title is because its being shown at the Atlus/SEGA booth and Atlus published King of Fighters XIV in the United States. But then again, that is jumping on conclusions and they could only be sharing Atlus/SEGA’s booth because of their prior relationships and because they will be showing off King of Fighters XIV stuff there anyway.

Another big theory is that this is just going to be newly emulated NEOGEO classics being added to current generation consoles, but I have my doubts since they have already released a ton of them on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and even Nintendo Switch without making such teasers. What do you think this “new Classic NEOGEO project” will be? What do you hope it is? Let us know in the comments below.

SEGA announcing a new game and anime series at AnimeJapan 2015

SEGA has been saying they are looking into crossing over into more multimedia projects. SEGA Japan has experimented with having animes based around their games for awhile now including the Shining series of anime, Valkyria Chronicles anime and even Hero Bank got one. Now SEGA is set to announce a new game along with its anime series day one at this year’s AnimeJapan event, according to Famitsu.

Since the popular (in Japan) Nanamori-chu Goraku-bu girl band will be there for the event, I would assume it will be a franchise similar to Yuri Yuri; which they voice.

The announcement will be made on March 21st, so mark your calendars and come back; we will definitely be posting it up.

Next Shining game’s marketing assets leaked?

According to AndriaSang, these images have popped up online and have been touted as being marketing assets for the next Shining game that SEGA has teased. They say it is probably fake, but since we run rumors here, why not see them over.

According to the assets the code name for the game is “Gensou no Lorelei.” The background story revolves around the empire of Dragonia stealing the spirit power and sending the world into chaos. Not very original, but hit the jump to find out more.

Platinum Games working on big multiplayer title

In a new interview with NowGamer, Platinum Game’s Atsushi Inaba says they are working on  a big multiplayer title. This is all that is said regarding the title.

“We haven’t officially announced it yet, but we have a big multiplayer title that we’re working on right now. There are many different projects running internally, but please look out for the announcement.” – Atsushi Inaba

Other things in the interview, Inaba says he does not regret the games that he created at Clover studios, which most turned out to be finical failures. This is a good, they were great games that weren’t marketed correctly. Read the rest of the interview here.

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SEGA has 6 3DS titles planned for 2011

SEGA has revealed that they are planning to release six 3DS titles for their 2011 fiscal year (ending on March 2012). Out of the 6 titles, we know two of them, Super Monkey Ball and a Sonic title.

Since there are four titles that we know nothing about (not that we know much about the Sonic title, other than its a Sonic game), what do you think they will be?

Mike Hayes has stated they would like to do a House of the Dead and Aliens vs. Predator game on 3DS

[Source: AndriaSang]

Sumo Digital working on 2 unannounced SEGA projects

We love our Sumo Digital, they really try to listen to fan feedback as much as possible. They have recently teased that they are working on a big game for a hardware publisher, doesn’t mean they have forgotten about SEGA.

“I would say if you’ve been a Sumo fan, if you like the products that we do, then you’re not going to be disappointed in the future …So we’re working on some stuff that’s a way out. But we continue to work very closely with SEGA and we hope to have some more products coming out with SEGA. We’ve got some stuff due out in 2011 and some in 2012. One hopes people will recognise them as very SEGA and Sumo-type products.” James North-Hearn CEO of Sumo Digital

Before you get all excited and start screaming about a new Outrun game, Sumo Digital has already confirmed they are not working on a new Outrun game. They did confirm they are working on a new racing game though…

What do you think they are doing?

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