Next Shining game’s marketing assets leaked?

According to AndriaSang, these images have popped up online and have been touted as being marketing assets for the next Shining game that SEGA has teased. They say it is probably fake, but since we run rumors here, why not see them over.

According to the assets the code name for the game is “Gensou no Lorelei.” The background story revolves around the empire of Dragonia stealing the spirit power and sending the world into chaos. Not very original, but hit the jump to find out more.

The world is attacked by natural disasters and dragons, seems that Japan is still obsessed destruction in games after what happen. As the main character, you group with an intent to rebel against the empire. To bring back the spirit power that you need to return the world back to its normal state, they make use of Lorelei, songstresses that can sing the mana song. Right when you are about  to be victorious, a young girl from the empires army comes  and sings a sorrowful song. They have their own songstress.

The songstresses in the game are going to be voice by famous voice actresses like Nana Mizuki and Yukari Tamura. The game is suppose to have them perform dozens of songs.

In the game you play as Reiji, who has a friend named Yukihime. Yukihime can turn into a sword that you use for battle and like most women, the shape of the sword will depend on her mood.

“Concerto” which is Spanish (also Italian) for Concert is the name of the battle system for the game. This game will be “strategy active real time battle system” and says its evolved from Sakura Wars’ ARMS system and Valkyria Chronicle’s BLiTZ system. The game will have you using swords, bows and magic in the battle system that focuses on character cooperation.

The game will let you build up a team of five members to battle large to small scale enemies. It will feature stuff like positional damage and ability to get loot after fights.

In gameplay songstresses are special party members, they can perform magic songs that can achieve various effects on the battle. Some examples used where blocking enemies from moving, increasing your move count and making your party faster. Some songs can be used to attack. Using songs will take up Mana Energy, so you will have to plan out when to use them.

The game will have a inter-character relationship system. Depending on what you choose during event scenes, what you do in battle, you character relationships will change.

The game is being illustrated by Tony. Characters that Tony has designed for past games will be appearing in the game as party members. The full game will have “over 20 characters” to party with.

I know if this turns out to be a Tony designed Shining game, a ton of users here will be disappointed. I think every time SEGA teases a new Shining related game, we all hope and prey that it will return to its roots.


12 responses to “Next Shining game’s marketing assets leaked?

  1. MadeManG74 says:

    It'll probably be shit.

  2. Sharky says:

    I actually hope this is real, this has yet to offend me and I quite like some of the ideas in here…

    The screenshots look very nice and if that battle system is real then shit, I'm more then happy! A strategy battle system is what I've wanted from the series for ages and even the mention of the BLiTZ system from Valkyria Chronicles is good enough for me.

    I can live with the 'Tony' art, although the two things here that did dissappoint me was that you can only use 5 members in battle, thats a bit low and also, from the art I see a lot less of the interesting non human characters like centaurs, dragonites and beastmen etc…

  3. matty says:

    "The game is being illustrated by Tony."

    ::spits out drink::

    THE Tony?! And p-pa-party with?!

    btw, I can understand why people jump on Tony Taka's nuts. It's sort of like green-eyed Sonic issue, right? Games turned to garbage with the new look or something, I'm guessing. But, do people actually dislike his art design? Not gonna lie, I was hard-up by the first screenshot.

  4. George says:

    I think, personally that his 'art style' is pretty generic in the world of anime games. I can google typical anime game and he hits every stereo type. its like when 'otakus' go and whine about how all western characters look the same…

    I liked their old character designs, it was very western fantasy mixed with a Japanese touch that reminded me of Osamu Tezuka (that early anime era)

  5. Sharky says:

    The old school Shining Force, water coloured – fantasy art is some of my favourite art ever… It's probably the biggest influince on me of any art style.

    That said I can live with this Tony art… My biggest complaint is that all he seems to want to draw is woman in skimpy outfits, where are the beastmen, the dwarves, the centaurs and so on… The great mythological creatures that made the Shining series stand out!?

  6. TaroYamada says:

    @Sharky, lower right pic has what appears to be a bird man, a Jaguar-Human and a elf girl. In case you missed em, but I agree, I wanna see more of that.

  7. Suzuki Yu says:

    i think this is fake, they took the big monster from Shining Force cross! take a look

  8. Sharky says:

    Yeah I saw them, but they seem to be a minority, replaced by girls in skimpy outfits…

    That said not even that can put me off a Shining Force SRPG.

    @ Suzuki Yu – If this turns out to be fake it'll be

    1) a really good fake

    2) fucking depressing…

  9. Moogie says:

    The images make me suspect it's fake, but then again a good friend of mine captured a quickly-deleted tweet from Sawada while I was away on Honeymoon: "Shining Fourth: End Earth"… the info about the game would seem to fit with Sawada's tweet – Shining Fourth implying a tactical RPG, and End Earth being from the Shining Tears X Wind anime, implying Tony's characters from the games may join up again. The graphics also fit with that, being that the map shown is from Tears if memory serves.

    I don't have a major problem with Tony's art, except that it too often features scantily clad characters – which IMHO isn't what the series is about.

    We'll see 🙂

  10. Centrale says:

    As an impartial observer to the Shining series, I have to say… I seriously doubt anyone would have the time and skill to make this much artwork as a hoax. This looks real to me… and it looks like this Tony is a horny toad.

  11. Moogie says:

    I've seen some pretty convincing looking hoaxes in my time at SFC – and a large amount of the artwork used in this material is pre-existing stuff from Shining Tears & Shining Wind. I'd like it not to be a hoax, but we can be wait and see!

  12. Luan says:

    Since Camelot stopped to make the Shining series, Sega started to kill it!

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