SEGA News Bits Live: Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam Remix Recap

Another Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam event is a wrap, and for the first time a Barry or George attended! Which one was it? Click play to find out! On this News Bits Live, check out exclusive photos and videos from the event, details on the must see panels and some merch pickups.

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Christine Cavanaugh, voice actress of Bunnie Rabbot in ABC’s Sonic the Hedgehog, has passed away


Sad news as 2014 winds to a close, we have learned that voice actress Christine Cavanaugh had passed away on December 22nd. Her obituary, which was posted by the LA Times today, does not give any cause of death but the focus really should be on celebrating Christine’s life and her incredible work.

If you don’t know Christine Cavanaugh’s name, you’d undoubtably recognize her voice as she not only performed Bunnie Rabbot in ABC’s Sonic the Hedgehog, but she is also well known as the original voice of Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory, Chuckie from Rugrats, Marty Sherman from The Critic, and Oblina in Ahhhhh Real Monsters. Film and TV audiences will best recognize her as the voice of Babe in 1995’s Babe as well as playing a major supporting role in the classic The X-Files episode “Small Potatoes”. You can see Christine’s many roles at her IMBD listing.

Our thoughts are with Christine’s family, she will be missed.

Ryo Hazuki Opens a Café, Milk Not On the Menu

Don’t worry, Yu Suzuki has not created Shenmue Diner Dash for cell phones. Instead, Ryo Hazuki’s Japanese voice actor Masaya Matsukaze has opened a cafe in Akihabara with a unique twist (don’t all Japanese cafés have a unique twist?). Matsukaze’s cafe, called “Seiyu Café”, is staffed by voice actors and has a voice acting theme. The interior of the space resembles a recording studio, and throat-friendly drinks are sold alongside alcohol and sweets.

Big Sonic news is new Sonic voice cast

The rumor is correct, the big Sonic news that SEGA has just announced is that Roger Craig Smith will be taking the role of Sonic the Hedgehog. You might remember his voice talent as Chris Redfield (Resident Evil 5), Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Assassin’s Creed 2) and Siegfried Schtauffen (Soulcalibur IV).

He was also the voice for Ted Ustinov, Vyse Inglebard, Johann Oswald Wisen and others in Valkyria Chronicles. That game had good voices, no? Just to make the announcement bigger, they also announced the new voice actors for Tails. Kate Higgins will play tails, she did voices for Naomi and RinRin in MadWorld. Also a ton of voices in Valkyria Chronicles.

It has been confirmed that Mike Pollock will stay as Eggman. Mike Pollock has been voicing Eggman since 2005, after the death of Deem Bristow. Almost every voice actor for the game characters has changed, but we have only seen Sonic and Tails as of yet.

[Source: SEGA]