Ryo Hazuki Opens a Café, Milk Not On the Menu

Don’t worry, Yu Suzuki has not created Shenmue Diner Dash for cell phones. Instead, Ryo Hazuki’s Japanese voice actor Masaya Matsukaze has opened a cafe in Akihabara with a unique twist (don’t all Japanese cafés have a unique twist?). Matsukaze’s cafe, called “Seiyu Café”, is staffed by voice actors and has a voice acting theme. The interior of the space resembles a recording studio, and throat-friendly drinks are sold alongside alcohol and sweets.

If having a café run by Ryo’s voice actor isn’t exciting enough, the joint features something called “Seiyu Jukebox”. Instead of a quarter guzzling record player, Seiyu Café’s jukebox are the voice actors themselves. For a fee, actors will recite lines from previous roles. Imagine, enjoying an iced tea while hearing Matsukaze recreate Ryo’s greatest hits! I’d request classics like “I’m looking for sailors.” and “how about a game of lucky hit?”. And let’s not forget “I see.”!

Check out the official site here and check out the photos below! Man, wish I could check this place out! In the meantime, I’ll see if Corey Marshall has opened up a coffee shop.

Best of luck to Masaya Matsukaze and his café! If any of our Japanese readers have a chance to visit it, make sure to tell Matsukaze SEGAbits says “hi” and get him to read a few lines for the camera.

[Source: Kotaku]


3 responses to “Ryo Hazuki Opens a Café, Milk Not On the Menu

  1. eXtaticus says:

    Now all we need is for Jon St John to pop over to the nippon, and for people to chuck money at him to recite Duke Nukem lines in Big the Cat’s voice. Yeah.

  2. Christian says:


    This is unrelated but I thought someone would find it funny. According to Walmart, SEGA has a new console!! 😀 Took this picture at the Walmart I work at in Alabama.

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      Thanks for the tip! That's hilarious! Looks like George posted it too. 🙂

      For future news tips and things, check out the Contact form link at at the top right of the page. 😉

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