GranBlue Fantasty X Sakura Taisen Collab Event

GranBlueFantasy developer CyGames has published details of the collabration event just in time for the Sakura Wars series 20th Anniversary this year titled “Maiden Kakeru Sakura Wars ~ sky ~ loaded with new character designs by series illustrator, Kosuke Fujishima, and story for the event. The event will be implemented on to the servers from May 13th to the 23rd.

When you participate, Sakura Shinguji, the main series heroine & title character, will be your temporary companion and continues to follow you even after the conditions are met. Erica Fontaine can be unlocked by obtaining the Tresure during the event along with a weapon. Gemini Sunrise has also been included in the event. For more inside look of the designs which includes Ichiro Ogami & Shijiro Taiga, be sure to hit the jump!

MLB Manager Online Launch Trailer

Check it out! Here is the launch trailer for SEGA’s totally free to play, browser-based game: ‘MLB Manager Online’.

Now you can create, manage, and improve your fantasy baseball team in a head-to-head competition featuring all MLB players, teams, and managers.

You can play right away, totally free at

The next Sakura Wars title announced

[Logo is the only thing shown so far]

So you have been waiting for the next Sakura  Wars game for a long time and this day has finally come. You ask yourself what console the title will be  on? Well, it won’t be on consoles, the next Sakura Wars game will be ‘browser based’. You can now comment to complain.

The game will be designed by Red Entertainment (Sakura Wars series, right?), Trinity Game Studio (Fist of the North Star Online) is developing and Rocworks (Kingdom Road and Homage Genesis) will manage the game when it goes online. Sure, not as good as a Playstation 3 or 360 game, but you don’t have to worry about importing… right?

As for release date and all that stuff, we will have more information in the upcoming months. If its like the Battlefield Heroes, like actual 3-D and not Mafia Wars cheap-o stuff, it might be good.

Edit: Scan from Famitsu:

[Source: Siliconera]