Game Boy Advance classic Sonic Advance hitting the Japanese Wii U eShop next week

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Nintendo’s Japanese site has officially revealed that the Game Boy Advance classic Sonic Advance, seen by many fans to be the best post classic era 2D title, will be hitting the Japanese Wii U eShop on February 18th. The game is priced at ¥702 ($5.90/£3.90) and is set to take up 200MB of storage space, much larger in size than the original game but remember this includes a digital copy of the manual.

There is no indication of the game releasing to the West just yet, and there is no sign of the sequels, but we have our fingers crossed and as soon as we hear something we’ll be sure to share it! Me? I’d love to see SEGA’s entire library of Game Boy Advance games on the Wii U. From Jet Grind Radio to Gunstar Super Heroes. A man can dream…

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SEGA has ‘no plans’ to bring retro games to the Wii U eShop

SEGA Japan has been going crazy porting over Game Gear and other classics under their ‘3D Sega Classics’ brand on the 3DS eShop. But so far there hasn’t been any announcements for any Wii U ports.

Seems that Wii U owners can stop wondering because the question has been answered by Yosuke Okunari, a producer at SEGA. He stated that there are no plans on SEGA supporting the Wii U Virtual Console. You can read his tweet after the jump.


The Cave launch trailer arrives

Just in case you haven’t yet seen it, SEGA and Double Fine put out a trailer a couple days ago in support of The Cave’s recent launch. Anyone pick this game up yet? Comment below.

The Cave is an adventure game from the mind of Ron Gilbert (Monkey Island) and is now available on PSN, Wii U eShop, XBLA, and Steam for $14.99 (or 1200 MSP).