SEGA drops iTunes App game prices

SEGA has dropped the prices of Super Monkey Ball 2 on the iTunes App store, pricing it at $5.99. Pretty cheap.

They also dropped the price of their Genesis classics, Golden Axe and Streets of Rage, to $2.99 each. We have heard really bad feedback coming from SEGA’s classic Genesis, saying they run choppy. Though I hear nothing but excellent stuff about Super Monkey Ball.

[Source: SEGA PR]


One response to “SEGA drops iTunes App game prices

  1. Yup! Super Monkeyball 2 for the iPhone is excellent! Well worth the price. 🙂 The others are "meh". Odd, considering jailbreaking an iPhone and using an emulator program is actually better than the official SEGA version. :-/

    edit: I say that about jailbreaking based on youtube videos, not from personal experience

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