Brick People for iOS out, limited time on sale

If you are looking for a block stacking puzzle game where you lead brick people to tasty snacks, this game is for you. If you want monsters trying to stop you, guess what? This game is for you. The game supports achievements, leaderboards and even bluetooth enabled multiplayer.

Not only that, SEGA has special promo pricing, giving you a deal on the game on day one:

iPhone/iPod Touch

  • $0.99 USD
  • $0.99 AUD
  • £0.69
  • €0.79


  • $1.99 USD
  • $1.99 AUD
  • £1.49
  • €1.59
So if you have an iOS device and like puzzle games, check the game out. You can’t lose much if it sucks, I mean, look at that price they are selling it for. This is an arcade port, that is a ton of quarters you just saved yourself. 

3 responses to “Brick People for iOS out, limited time on sale

  1. DCGX says:

    Come on SEGA, let’s have some Android support! I know Sonic CD is getting an Android release, but how about Super Monkey Ball or this game?

  2. George says:

    DCGX, I agree. I only have android devices and it sucks that SEGA has a lack of Android support.

  3. DCGX says:

    I guess we can call out a lot of game companies (Capcom!) that also neglect Android. Oh well. In due time I suppose.

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