Valkyria Chronicles II demo hitting PSN today

The demo for Valkyria Chronicles II will be hitting US PSN later today, I just checked at the time of posting this and the store hasn’t updated yet. Should be in a few hours, I personally can’t wait.

RubyEclipse has confirmed on the Playstation Blog that the Western release of the game has gotten extra content.

“Among the many stickers that you can get for your tank or vehicle, we’ve added in a few brand new ones that both old and new SEGA fans are sure to smile at. Those of you who loved the first game will also be happy to note that we’ve included a few original characters as unlockable Easter eggs, just like in the Japanese version.”

The game comes out August 31st in America, make sure to pre-order your copy and play the demo… in whatever order you choose.

[Source: PSblog]


7 responses to “Valkyria Chronicles II demo hitting PSN today

  1. SOUP says:

    It's the same demo that was on the Japanese PSN a while back. Nice to have it in english though :).

  2. PSP games should be playable on the PS3. I have a PSP but I don't like it that much.

  3. ShadiWulf says:

    I got the demo, its an awesome demo. Can't wait for the full game


    you bought an ipad, what's stopping you from buying a PSPgo? =P You can use a PS3 controller by bluetooth with the PSPgo and connect the PSPgo to a TV with the component cable accessory. PSP in console form.

  4. @ Shadi,

    That sounds cool, except you can't play disc games on the PSPgo, right? You have to download them on Memory Sticks?

  5. ShadiWulf says:

    Yeah, you would have to buy it off PSN. Don't bother downloading stuff through the PSP though unless you absolutely have to =P It sucks, just download the stuff to your PS3 and transfer it.

    I'm buying the game off PSN, save my battery life.

  6. I guess I honly have 2 PSP games. I'm not that invested in the old PSP.

  7. SOUP says:

    PSP Go is where it's at

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