SEGAbits gets a dramatic new look

So here it is, the new look we have been planning for months. It feels good to finally launch it, after all the teasing and debating. This is what all the work lead to.

You will notice that the color scheme has changed to a ‘minimal’ white. Don’t like it? Do you  need your blues? Go to the right hand bar, select from other color patterns. See, we do care! In the next few months we will be adding new exciting features, so stay tune for that.

As for now, give us all your feedback in the comments page!


22 responses to “SEGAbits gets a dramatic new look

  1. ShadiWulf says:

    Whooo!!! yeah!!!!

    Feels good!

  2. Nearly quoted Sonic there^


    Looking great!

  3. Sharky says:

    Finally it is up!

    I like 'DARK' theme… It has borders around each article, yum.

  4. ShadiWulf says:

    All the themes have borders around each article, you just got your brightness too high.

  5. DCGX says:

    Niice. I really like the redesign. Slick. Especially after the redesign of Major Nelson's blog. Kudos!

  6. cube_b3 says:

    It is hard to choose a favorite, all themes are well done.

    Except Dark, it looks rough. Maybe the right hand column could have a different color?

  7. ShadiWulf says:

    Dark is meant to feel more like an old site. Hence the roughness =P

    I know there is people who prefer that kind of feel.

    @DCGX Glad you like it!

  8. Centrale says:

    I like the new look a lot better!  Well done.

  9. F-D_M says:

    Congrats to SEGAbits staff for the excellent work, the new look is really well done =)

  10. -nSega54- says:

    Thanks to every one of our readers as well for your continued support.

  11. ShadiWulf says:

    @Centrale, @F-D_M

    Thanks guys! I'm really glad you like the layout.

  12. CrazyTails says:

    Where can I pick the themes? :$

  13. CrazyTails says:

    Oh nevermind, found it

  14. CrazyTails says:

    Oh wow dark theme looks great. GREAT JOB TO EVERYONE WHO HAD BEEN WORKING ON THIS FOR SO LONG. NICE!!!!!!!!

  15. Essay says:

    Looks fantastic.  I love seeing my avatar when I go to the homepage. 😀

  16. SOUP says:

    Looking good :D.

  17. upsidedown fuji says:

    Clean and easy to navigate. Works for me. 🙂 I like it better than the last one. 🙂

  18. Dr. SEGA Monkey says:

    This looks really nice! And THANK YOU for putting a dark theme. So much more pleasant to read when your eyes are tired!

    Think you can go one step further and include an all-black theme?

  19. ShadiWulf says:

    @CrazyTails glad you like it

    @Essay Glad you like it too

    @SOUP glad like like it too 2

    @upsidedown fuji awesome

    @Dr. SEGA Monkey Glad you like it! As for a black theme.. sure! I'll make an update in the forums when it's added.

    Thanks everyone :3

  20. Clumsyorchid says:

    Digging it – way to go guys!

  21. Autosaver says:

    Looks awesome enough to be an official company's forum!

  22. ShadiWulf says:

    @Clumsy & @Auto I'm glad you guys like the layout!

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