Find out how to get a SEGAbits themed shirt


[This is a pre-order, last day to order is 6/10/13]

I usually get messages from users asking how they can support and help the site. Honestly, the first few years we launched the site we tried advertisements, but it’s hard to run a site on such things for multiple reasons I won’t get into. Now, we run a great ad-free website and frankly I like it better this way. But it still costs money to do things, especially things we want to do for the future of the site. So if you want to help, pick up a SEGAbits shirt. You get a shirt, we get some cash to give you more ad-free content. Everyone wins!

Shipping is set at $3 USD per order. We are only accepting paypal at the moment.


IMPORTANT: Your order will be shipped to the address on your paypal, so if you don’t want it shipped there, change it before your order.

Shirt information: The shirts will be printed on Fruit of the Loom® Heavy Cotton T-shirt. The shirt color will be printed in Royal Blue.

If you want anymore information, feel free to contact us.



18 responses to “Find out how to get a SEGAbits themed shirt

  1. Nux says:

    God, that is beautiful.

  2. Centrale says:

    Looks great! Question though, when people buy this shirt do you actually mail it? Or is it more like the prizes for your contests where you just hold on to it for us?

    • mylifewithsega says:

      What do you mean? I sent everything out to our 3rd Anniversary Winners. We’re Kool and the Gang, bro….

      Unless you’re talking about some other contest.

    • Centrale says:

      I don’t doubt it with you, man, but if George is handling prizes or merch, I think people should know that — at least in my case — he’s just simply kept the items. In spite of my patience and being generally good-humored about it, never getting insulting about it, the last I heard from him was he was too busy and since then he just ignored my PMs about it. So the least I can do is let other people know that that’s how it went and for all I know that’s how it always goes with him. This is from a contest a good fifteen months ago — quite a long time to be too busy to come through on your word.

    • SkyBlue says:

      I’m so sorry to hear of your experience, Centrale.

      Perhaps George can explain to you here why he never gave you the contest prize?

    • George says:

      Honestly, I’m at fault here. Its a long story about personal life getting in the way of a website. I honestly was going to not even update SEGAbits, till a good 3 months back. Its totally my fault. I have PM’d Centrale and will manage to make it better.

      As you can see, I didn’t delete Centrale’s complaints because I think he has all rights to complain. Though I’m sure he will be happy in the upcoming week when he gets his package.

  3. Shigs says:

    Can I get one shipped to me before E3? I’d like to advertise the website at the show.

    Awesome design BTW.

  4. Kevin-N says:

    I hope you ship to Belgium also ?

  5. Where do you get the shirts made? I want to do one for my podcast. I need ways for people to help support it.

  6. Alex Supersonic says:

    no M size?

  7. Alex Supersonic says:

    Thx. But when i click on “buy now” it gives me a error message (“We were unable to decrypt the certificate id.”)

  8. Deefy says:

    I just did! I mean, I ordered it 😉

  9. GuitarAnthony says:

    You had me at JSRF kinda looking front and Sonic blue.

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