Signed Copy of Mega Drive Tetris On Sale For One MILLION Dollars!!

…Or best offer. Source

Ebay seller shinsnk is selling his rare Mega Drive copy of Tetris signed by it’s creator Alekséi Pázhitnov for as much as he can get. “This is truly a rare, exclusive, elusive, obscure and desirable centerpiece grial for any collection, it has all: great franchise (Tetris), great history (Sega vs Nintendo, you can google that), scarcity (very few copies) and exclusivity (signed by Alexei). You can expect no more.”

I dunno. For a million dollars, I’d expect quite a bit more myself. I wish him luck though.


7 responses to “Signed Copy of Mega Drive Tetris On Sale For One MILLION Dollars!!

  1. Sybnios says:

    Ok this is truly the GEM, only that you see it for sale on ebay its something else! But AHEM what kind of a FOOL will give that amount of money! With so much cash you could use them in 1.000.000 BETTER ways. I mean if you have that amount of money donate them to help some people LIVE not buy a plastic cartridge! I hate those people that take advantage of collectible videogames and ask that ridiculous amount of money. It is simply pathetic. Living in a pathetic society what do you expect from the majority….? The only luck I wish for him is finding the essence of life…

  2. unknown says:

    who the heck would pay that much I saw an unautographed copy of that game ( i think) at vintage stock for less than $20.

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