Sonic Talk #19: Ask Ian Part Duex

It’s been 13 episodes, but Sonic and Mega Man comic scribe Ian Flynn is back for another interview! We’ve got over two hours of questions from you, the fans! We’ll be taking about World’s Collide, the future of the books, his team up with Dawn Best on Sylvanna and his work on the superhero comic, The New Crusaders.Also, check out my written interview with Ian over at the Sonic Stadium.

For those waiting for the MP3/iTunes version, that will be up later this week.


3 responses to “Sonic Talk #19: Ask Ian Part Duex

  1. Mandobardanjusik says:

    Well my Bark question made it through though my Nack one didnt 🙁
    Also its Man-Do, not Mondo

  2. sonictoast says:

    yay one of my questions made it. But I have a feeling that when he said “I’m just gonna skip this one”, he was skipping my second question.

  3. SeanK says:

    MP3 version is where now? I think ‘later this week’ has come and gone.

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