Sonic Talk #17: Criticize This!


It’s time for an all-new, slightly different Sonic Talk. We’re cutting waaay back on news discussion and just bringing up two to three main topics per episode along with the usual what we’ve been playing and Comic discussion. It’s my way of..well…ATTEMPTING to keep the conversation flowing well. Also, those of you with sensitive ears should be aware we are no longer censoring any of the naughty words. This means Alex has been unleashed!!

First up, is Eddie Lebron’s Sonic fan film. I’m sure many of you have seen it. While many, including myself think the film’s laughable, is it right to criticize a fan work?

Next, me and GX both got our hands of Pix N’ Love’s “History of Sonic” Hardcover book. Is it worth the $40? Hell yeah it is!

Then, we discuss the latest Sonic game rumors that have been floating around the interwebs. Some of which have now been proven false (sorry Sonic Adventure fans), but some are still very possible.

Finally, we look at Sonic #244. What hell hath the Ken Penders trail wrought?! That trail has now affected the comic in a big way and we’ll be taking a look at the implications it possibly has for the series in the future.

All this and a little bonus discussion after the final music in this week’s Sonic Talk!


One response to “Sonic Talk #17: Criticize This!

  1. Adam Duffield says:

    I think its right to criticize fan works, how else are people supposed to improve if creators of bad material arent told so

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