The Chaotix are playable in Sonic Runners today


For a limited time only, the Chaotix are available to play in Sonic Runners starting today. The Chaotix campaign will last from 3/5 to 3/15 They increase ring bonuses by 75%. Vector is a power type, Espio is the speed type and Charmy of course, is the flight type.

Only thing is, I haven’t figured out how to play as them. I finished my latest mission as Sonic and Tails, but the Chaotix don’t seem to be available anywhere (although, since it’s not technically 6 AM in the U.S. as of this posting, thy just might not be available yet). There’s still no set release date for the U.S. version yet, but we will inform you the moment it’s known so stay tuned!


5 responses to “The Chaotix are playable in Sonic Runners today

  1. PurinxPop says:

    They aren’t available for a limited time. They’re available permenantly once you unlock them. The campaign to obtain them ends on the 15th. Starting at 3pm UTC you have to win them on the premium roulette and judging by the position of the rainbow egg it looks like the probability of winning them is the same chance as a SR

  2. Senjav says:

    Where do you get Sonic Runners?
    I can’t see it on Amazon or Google Play.

  3. Esrever says:

    Not only do you have to win the Chaotix — one at a time — on the roulette wheel, but the needle has to land on a new especially narrow space that only has an 8% chance of coming up.

    So, you can’t even pay to unlock them. You can pay for a CHANCE to unlock them. That’s actually kind of gross. This game is targeted, at least partially, at kids, and yet the only way anyone can reasonably expect to unlock these characters in the 10-day time frame is literally to gamble using real life money.

    • PurinxPop says:

      It really isn’t. Most mobile phone games in japan use this scheme. A campaign for a certain character card comes around for a limited time and you have to gamble for it. That’s actually a very smart way to make money if someone is desperate for those characters. My only gripe is that they lowered the 8% chance down to 6% for the character eggs. That should be the only thing fixed imo

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