Kickstarter launches for Xenocider, a 3D shooter for Dreamcast, PC, Mac, Linux & 3DS


The Kickstarter campaign for Xenocider, a new indie SEGA Dreamcast game, has launched. The game is unique as it is one of the first fully 3D indie Dreamcast games, and the gameplay itself takes inspiration from classic SEGA arcade games including Space Harrier and Nintendo’s Sin & Punishment. The game’s development team Retro Sumus describes themselves as “a small, independent game development team who got together to revisit genres and concepts we felt were underused, or not explored in depth back in their time.”

The small team is a mix of individuals who are both new and old to the indie Dreamcast development scene, including Lead Programmer Daniel Lancha who reprogrammed Pier Solar for modern platforms and developed Hucast’s Ghost Blade. Also involved is Carlos Oliveros who heads up the team’s Communications and who in the past handled Pier Solar‘s Spanish translation. So it should be no surprise that Tulio Goncalves, former president and founder of Watermelon games and creator of Pier Solar, is on the team serving as the Producer. All-in-all, it looks like Xenocider has a solid team with Dreamcast development experience, but if that still doesn’t sway you they have put together a real working demo of the game for the Dreamcast that you can play right now! Just click on over to their campaign page for Windows, Mac, Linux and Dreamcast download links.

Dreamcast isn’t the only planned platform, as the game will also be playable on PC, Mac, Linux and Nintendo 3DS. The team hopes to raise $92,000 to realize their vision. After the break, a full list of what the team plans for the game to make it extra special. Check out the campaign today, and if you like what you see give them your support!

  • Game mechanics: easy to play, difficult to master.
  • Completely customizable controls.
  • Dreamcast version will support arcade stick, mouse+keyboard, and also the official Twin Stick!
  • 3DS version will feature 3D effect and support for Circle Pad Pro.
  • A brand new, made from scratch engine called Dreamer.
  • Stable 60 fps!
  • 10 levels (including special stages) + 2 extra levels if stretch goals are reached.
  • Upgradable skills. This option will be available between levels.
  • 3 game modes (story, arcade, boss run) + 1 extra unlockable mode if stretch goals are reached.
  • 3 difficulty levels.
  • Replayability and unlockable content!
  • PC version running at 1080p, Dreamcast version at 480p! (3DS version at its native resolution)
  • A rocking soundtrack by producer and keyboardist Juanjo Martín.

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