Knuckles and Silver team up in second Sonic Forces prequel comic, titled “Stress Test” – Read it now!


The Sonic Forces free digital prequel comics from Ian Flynn and Adam Bryce Thomas continue with the surprisingly enjoyable “Stress Test”. It seems our guesses were wrong, as each prequel comic is not focusing on a different custom hero. Instead we see Knuckles and Silver battling Chaos. What is so exciting about this one is all the Sonic Adventure plot elements, including a jump back in time to the echidna village and the appearance of Eggman and The Phantom Ruby, last seen in Sonic Mania. It’s exciting to see the various Sonic games tying together and hopefully some of these plot elements are referenced in Sonic Forces.

After the break, read the full issue!








6 responses to “Knuckles and Silver team up in second Sonic Forces prequel comic, titled “Stress Test” – Read it now!

  1. Cube_b3 says:

    How does Knuckles remember Silver?

    At the end of Sonic 06, Elise sets the clock back and basically makes sure the events of the game don’t exist in anyone’s consciousness including herself.

  2. silver dragoon says:

    He appeared in sonic rivals 2

  3. Cyborg Puppy and the meme hell says:

    The master emerald means nothing confirmed.

    • CmdcCmt says:

      since the real chaos is sealed in the master emerald, maybe he recognizes Eggman and won’t hesitate to come out and pummel him if he ever attempts to take it

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