SEGA Talk Podcast #54: Sonic Advance (2001)

On this episode of SEGA Talk, George and Barry fire up the Game Boy Advance and discuss Sonic’s first 2D platforming adventure on a Nintendo handheld! What is Dimps? How does a speedy hammer wielding Amy Rose control? How does the game hold up almost 20 years later? Listen and learn!

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We missed a Patreon memory from Daniel Andress so we are sharing his memory here:

Sonic Advance, is truly a game that I’ll never forget. It was the 3rd Sonic game, that I have ever played, and also the first modern Sonic game that I’ve ever played. I really did love it, at the time, which was for a short while, the only Sonic game that I had… until we got a GameCube, around after I turned 8 years old, for Christmas. I loved playing as all of the different characters, and it was also the first time that I’ve ever seen Amy and Knuckles. I didn’t think much on Amy at the time, but I thought that Knuckles was a fusion between Sonic and Tails, at the age of 7… Until I played Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, shortly there after. This was probably the first game, that I’ve ever beaten, but not with the Chaos Emeralds. I still can’t manage to get them. But, that’s okay. My memories with this game, are still important to me, to this day. It was there with me, on a lot of different family trips, that’s for sure.


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