SEGA Forever Commissions New “Sonic R” Art by Sonic The Comic’s Rich Elson

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SEGA Forever, SEGA’s nostalgic social media machine, has shared cool new art by Sonic The Comic’s Rich Elson depicting Sonic and his friends in the classic SEGA Saturn/PC game Sonic R. Elson is probably the most well-known artist from the British Sonic the Hedgehog comics, so this is sure to delight our European readers.

It has been noted to us that this is the first time Rich has drawn some characters like Sonic R‘s Metal Knuckles and Tails Doll. It’s great to see Rich creating new Sonic art, and who knows… if fans make enough noise maybe we can see more new art or reprints of Rich’s classic content.

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5 responses to “SEGA Forever Commissions New “Sonic R” Art by Sonic The Comic’s Rich Elson

  1. Hitrax says:

    Still have most of my collection in the UK from 1997 to 2001, it was one of most bought publications at the time (along with the monthly Official Sega Saturn Magazine by Emap) it was a fortnightly issue by issue. I did used to get it for a time in the early 90s as well though never could relocate them since after moving abroad for a couple of years to Cyprus and returning by 1996, it used to have Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Ecco the Dolphin and Shinobi as well as Sonic in the earlier ones sometimes also.

    It’s a shame it stopped not long after the time Sega suspended Dreamcast development with new management restructure in 2001, though I later found out it did still exist in some form, they went digital as an independent platform and have had their own site since ~

  2. Hitrax says:

    *Come to think back on it, it even had Eternal Champions as one of its strips among the other Sega IPs a few times I remember, and WonderBoy as well as Decap Attack. There was a host in it which was like a sort of MegaDrive humanoid called MegaDroid who referred to readers as Boomers. It had other characters unseen in other media I remember, like
    Grimer – green skinned, white lab coat wearing assistant to Dr. Robotnik,
    Johnny Lightfoot – one of the oldest characters in the series who worked with Sonic and Porker.
    Tekno – some computer whizz who worked mainly with Amy Rose and used a lot of technological gizmos.
    Shortfuse – a more persistant metallic of Robotnik’s, like Metal Sonic.

    • Hitrax says:

      And of course, I couldn’t not mention the Marxio bros – as you probably might have guessed, it was basically a pot shot at Nintendo and a satire of the Mario bros, who worked for Dr. Robotnik, only they were more electricians than plumbers and there was three of them.

  3. Debonair says:


  4. Debonair says:

    I could be wrong but wasn’t Rich Elson credited in Sonic R itself?
    His name seems familiar, I remember staff like Rich Leadbetter was, the editor of the now legendary Official Sega Saturn Magazine (UK), these days he now does Digital Foundry videos for EuroGamer, Digital Foundry (and DFRetro) is the best analytic series on YouTube.

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