SEGA Forever Commissions New “Sonic R” Art by Sonic The Comic’s Rich Elson

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SEGA Forever, SEGA’s nostalgic social media machine, has shared cool new art by Sonic The Comic’s Rich Elson depicting Sonic and his friends in the classic SEGA Saturn/PC game Sonic R. Elson is probably the most well-known artist from the British Sonic the Hedgehog comics, so this is sure to delight our European readers.

It has been noted to us that this is the first time Rich has drawn some characters like Sonic R‘s Metal Knuckles and Tails Doll. It’s great to see Rich creating new Sonic art, and who knows… if fans make enough noise maybe we can see more new art or reprints of Rich’s classic content.

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SEGA Memories: Looking back on Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic

s5Remember when Knuckles used to ride a pterodactyl? Remember that time Eggman was called “Kintobor”? And who could forget how Super Sonic was Sonic’s evil split personality? What’s that? You don’t remember? Well then, you’ve probably never seen Fleetway’s unique spin on the Sonic universe before.

Whether you’ve read it or not, most people are at least a little familiar with Archie’s long running comic series based on the blue blur. However, as a poor little English boy, I grew up with quite a different set of comics in my youth. In this installment of SEGA Memories, I look back on this unique moment in Sonic history.

Sonic the Comic Editor Deborah Tate will be attending Weston Super Sonic


Upcoming UK Sonic convention Weston Super Sonic has finally reached the end of its illustrious guest list, with the announcement that Sonic the Comic editor Deborah Tate will be in attendance! 

Deborah was responsible for editing over 100 issues of the UK Sonic comic series, running from Issue #39 to #166, and was also responsible for many staples throughout the series’ life such as the Graphic Zone, Photo Zone, and reshaping Amy Rose’s look and character. This is no mean feat; to say she contributed hugely to many Sonic fans’ childhood is a huge understatement!

If that wasn’t enough, the convention has announced they’ll be making several more event announcements next week!

We’re in the home stretch now folks; don’t forget to stay tuned to SEGABits if you can’t make it, as we’ll have all the details from the day!

Weston Super Sonic is on 17th January in Weston-Super-Mare, and is ticket-only. All tickets have been sold, which is nothing short of impressive to say the least.

Once again, for more details be sure to check the official Weston Super Sonic page.

Sonic the Comic Artist Carl Flint is at Weston Super Sonic 2015


Upcoming UK Sonic convention Weston Super Sonic has announced the next guest in it’s line-up; and it’s none other than Sonic the Comic artist Carl Flint! 

Carl’s work includes over 50 of the comic’s covers, and was also a regular in producing artwork for the Tails and Amy-centric strips throughout the comic’s run.

This guest announcement is the latest in an impressive roster that Weston Super Sonic has built up; they previously announced that fellow Sonic the Comic legends Richard Elson, Nigel Kitching and Ferran Rodriguez will also be in attendance, and that Mike Pollock, the voice of none other than Dr Eggman, will be conducting a live Skype Q&A at the event. There’ll also be plenty of activities such as speedrun tournaments and art contests to keep you busy through the day!

And as previously stated, SEGABits will be there on the day, and bring you coverage of the event!

Plenty of details are available on the official Weston Super Sonic website, and if you want to go you’d better grab your tickets quick, as the last update on tickets stated there were only 10 left! You can register for tickets by clicking here!

If UK conventions are your thing, why not check out our write-up of the recent Sonic the Comic Con?

SEGAbits at Sonic the Comic-Con 2014: The Write Up


Today, that being Sunday 26th October 2014 where I am, York here in the UK saw a plethora of Sonic fans descend upon it for an event dedicated to a certain blue hedgehog: or more specifically, his comic book based endeavours.

I’m quite sure a lot of our readers are familiar with the work of Archie Comics, and their long-running series of Sonic comics; in fact, this was the first form of Sonic in print that I discovered, through the Sonic Mega Collection. However, those outside of the UK missed out on another important part of Sonic’s history: Egmont Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic. 

Free tickets go live for the UK’s Weston Super Sonic 2015 Event


Tickets for the upcoming Weston Super Sonic 2015 event based in Weston-Super-Mare, England, have officially gone live; and they’re going pretty fast!

Since ticket registrations opened yesterday, already over a quarter of the tickets have been sold, which is no easy feat for a fan convention to accomplish! The tickets are provided free of charge, and guarantee you access to the event – an event that sounds rather awesome, sporting guests such as Sonic the Comic artist Ferran Rodriguez, as well as other StC heavyweights Richard Elson and Nigel Kitching. If that wasn’t enough, Mike Pollock will also be providing a Skype Q&A at the event – and this isn’t even everything, with more events and guests planned than those listed here, such as tournaments and art contests with prizes available!

You can get tickets for the event by clicking here!

If that wasn’t enough, as we previously stated SEGABits will be there on the day, providing coverage to the great standards we strive for!

It’s certainly looking to be a incredibly promising and exciting event, and for those of you in the UK, we hope to see you there!

For those in the US, don’t forget about the upcoming Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam based in Savannah, Georgia coming later this year, hosted by us at SEGAbits!

Sonic the Comic Artist Ferran Rodriguez is attending Weston Super Sonic 2015

Upcoming UK Sonic convention Weston Super Sonic has announced that Spanish artist Ferran Rodriguez will be in attendance at the event.

Ferran’s art style was recurring throughout the UK Sonic the Comic’s run, and covered a wide variety of material throughout the series, such as covers, comic strips, and pin-ups. Ferran is flying in from his home in Barcelona just to be at the convention – now that’s dedication!

In addition to Sonic, Ferran has also done work for Disney, Nickelodeon the Angry Birds license, and other properties and brands – quite the resume.

This guest announcement is just one of quite a few that Weston Super Sonic has made; they previously announced that fellow Sonic the Comic legends Richard Elson and Nigel Kitching will also be in attendance, and that Mike Pollock, voice of the nefarious Doctor Eggman will be conducting a live Skype Q&A at the event. Exciting stuff for UK Sonic fans!

Also planned are speedrun tournaments for SA2, art contests, cosplay contests, and other events to keep fans entertained throughout the day. The convention takes place Saturday 17th January 2015 at The Grand Pier in Weston-Super-Mare, England, and SEGABits will be there to provide coverage! 

The official site for the convention can be found here. Currently donations are being accepted until September, and a mere £5 is all it takes to guarantee entry.

Will you be attending? Let us know in the comments!

Summer of Sonic 2013 – The Metal Sonic Edition

That time of year is upon us once again – Summer of Sonic, the Sonic the Hedgehog fan convention in the UK, held its 6th show this weekend just gone; back in London again following a brief visit to Brighton last year. This year the event boasted as guests Takashi Iizuka, Jun Senoue, and Kazuyuki Hoshino; with a playable build of the upcoming new title Sonic Lost World available. So let’s dive in, shall we?