Watch Pepelogoo and Asha in action in this new Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World trailer

In case you didn’t know, Japanese publisher G Choice and Studio Artdink are bringing Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World to the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam on April 22nd in Japan. Western publisher ININ Games plans for an “early 2021” for both PlayStation 4 and Switch. The game is a remaster of Monster World IV, and it has been confirmed that the original game will be included as a bonus. The latest trailer showcases Pepelogoo, Asha’s round and blue buddy.

We’ll share more news about the upcoming remake as we hear it!


6 responses to “Watch Pepelogoo and Asha in action in this new Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World trailer

  1. TKOhh says:

    Asha in Monster World looks like a fun platforming, puzzle-solving adventure. I hope that it releases on Steam in the West sometime after it’s initial launch on PS4 and Switch. I’d like to give the game a shot.

  2. Brianzilla2004 says:

    Visually a huge step down from the Dragon’s Trap remake and Monster Boy. Looks about on par with ‘Splosion Man…

  3. dlivin says:

    Personally Im not a fan of that flat paper looking animation style. so I prefer the 3d models. That said it did look rough before, but Game is looking better than before now.

  4. Cool Nico says:

    This game is looking a lot better than the first trailer. That being said, of course the 3D graphics are not going to look as good as the 2d sprites. Monster world 4 had some of the best sprite art on the genesis.

  5. Divine Justice says:

    I really like how much this has improved over time over the…initial reveal! And the graphics look decent enough. I really wish people would stop comparing 2D sprites to full 3D models. They require entirely different skill sets.

    If you have a bias or preference towards a certain aesthetic, that’s fine, but please don’t go around blindly saying it looks worse due to what you favor personally and nothing else. And the same people will turn around and praise new indies today that looks like its’ from the PS1 era…

    Anyways, I hope we’ll all be able to have a good time with this! 😀

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