Phantasy Star Online 2 Concept Movie

A new PSO2 trailer! It shows a lot of stuff! You can see how crazy the character creation is, see the new fancy lobbies, you can see the awesome new battle system, and a whole lot of other stuff I didn’t mention, such as 12 person parties! Enjoy!

SEGA Australia details Yakuza 4 limited editions

SEGA Australia have announced that they will be releasing two limited editions for Yakuza 4, along with the regular edition of the game. The limited editions will be labeled as Kuro Edition (Black Edition) and the Shiro Edition (White Edition).  Kuro Edition comes in black steel book and is packed with four pieces of bonus content to unlock. Same thing for the Shiro Edition, only it comes in white steel book. You can see each edition above.
Pre-order deals are rather sweet:

  • EBGames: Pre-order the Kuro Edition and receive the awesome Ichiban Box (Number 1 Box) with your game. It has a hostess calendar, chopsticks, rice bowl, and all comes packaged in a rice box (see picture below!).
  • JB Hi Fi: Pre-order the Shiro Edition and receive a free copy of Yakuza 3.
  • GAME Stores: Pre-order Yakuza 4 and receive a free Yakuza 4 t-shirt. (see picture below!)

All  versions of the game are now available to pre-order in Australia. The game hits store shelves on March 24th. No limited editions announced for America or Europe. Sucks for us.

[Source: HookedGamers]

    Valkyria Chronicles 3 collector’s edition will get you buzzed

    [Keychain? Easier to drink and drive]

    SEGA has already announced the collectors edition for their next installment in their Valkyria Chronicles series. It seems to come with a shot glass because if there is any game that makes me want to get wasted, its Valkyria Chronicles.  What else does this edition come with?

    • Emblem 422 collapsible cup (we already know, pictured above)
    • Telephone Card
    • Mini poster
    • Nameless x Calamity Raven visual clear poster (pictured below)
    • PSP game

    How much will this run you? 8,479 yen (about $100 bucks). But hey, its worth it, no? If you pre-order either version (collectors or regular) you will be able to get extras too, like the Gallia Secret Document file 422 book, which tells the story of Kurt’s first battle and a DLC code that unlocks Alias from VC2.

    [Source: Siliconera]

    Yakuza 4 box art wallpaper – now this is box art

    [Right click + save link as + ???? = Profit]

    You heard us rave and rant about how SEGA is doing it right with their new Yakuza 4 box art design. Even SEGA of Europe are talking about how they disliked the Yakuza 3 cover, no idea why they simply didn’t just make another one, but I guess its just a cover and I will forgive.

    Now you can have the background wallpaper on all your computers and even your consoles like the PS3 while you wait for the game. No worries, SEGA will be releasing other wallpapers throughout the months as we wait for the release of the game.

    Aliens: Colonial Marines and Valkyria Chronicles 2 confirmed for E3

    As I recall, Sharky predicted that the next Aliens game would be at E3. Well, seems he was right. It’s just been confirmed by GameSpot’s E3 Showfloor map that the game, along with Valkyria Chronicles 2, will indeed be available at SEGA’s booth.

    And this is indeed good news for all of you, because we’ll be able to tell how awesome (or….not) the games are!

    In other E3 news, it looks like my assistant, who was going to help me take videos, photos, and write previews, will be able to attend the event. Won’t be confirmed until we get down there, but if he can get in, Bits will have another  new staff member to welcome!