Indie SEGA Dreamcast game Sturmwind releases today!

Indie developer Duranik’s Sturmwind, published by redspotgames, releases today worldwide for the SEGA Dreamcast! We’ll spare you from retelling the long history the game had in development, because today should be a day of celebration. The glorious undead console has a new game! Couple Sturmwind with Dux 1.5, and April is quite an exciting month for indie Dreamcast game fans. Sturmwind can be had as either a standard edition or a limited edition. You can also find the game for sale at Play-Asia – in either the standard edition or limited edition. Have you ordered the game? Have you played it? Share your thoughts below.

Sturmwind Delayed

Those hoping to have the new Dreamcast game in time for Christmas will be disappointed, I’m afraid, as Sturmwind has ran into some production problems. Unlike the previous delay this has nothing to do with the game itself. Sturmwind has gone gold and is ready to go into production. Unfortunately, the CD pressing company that was slated to print copies of the game has gone bankrupt. Sturmwind’s publisher, RedSpotGames, has already found a replacement manufacturer, but for the time being the game’s release date is now “TBA”. We’ll be sure to update you as soon as a new release date is established. An announcement is expected later in the month.

Until then, if you wish to purchase the game, you can pre-order the regular edition, special edition, or the Wind and Water combo pack here.

Full press release is below the fold.