SEGA News Bits: IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga Reveal Reaction

On this SEGA News Bits, George and Barry take their frustrations out on the recently revealed IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga mobile game. No, it’s not the platform that is the issue. What is SEGA thinking releasing a game that is so far removed from anything we’ve come to expect from the franchise? And why choose the 30th anniversary for something like this?

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Round Table: Our favorite SEGA Saturn imports

It’s no secret that the SEGA Saturn did not have as strong a library as it could have had. The reason for this was that SEGA of America and SEGA Europe didn’t believe in the console like SEGA of Japan did, and thanks to a bunch onf inter-company politics, we never got to see many great titles in the West. Thankfully, the SEGA Saturn can easily play imports if you have yourself an Action Replay device – which Play Asia is conveniently having a sale on! Also, many of the Saturn’s imports are arcade titles or use minimal Japanese text, so you’re likely to find a slew of import friendly games.

Not sure where to start? Perhaps you need some ideas for additional games to add to your import library? Let the SEGAbits writers help out as we share our favorite SEGA Saturn imports!

My Life with SEGA reviews the AtGames Genesis Console

For many SEGA fans, the Genesis was their first SEGA console. In North America, it was easily the most successful system released by the then 49-year old company. Sonic the Hedgehog made his debut on the 16-bit juggernaut, followed by a string of classics, such as Streets of Rage, ToeJam & Earl, Comix Zone and Vectorman…. just to name a few.

Now, 25 years later, the Genesis is now a cherished memory of our gaming history. Many of its games have ported to several current-generation gaming consoles, like the PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. In addition, there have been countless “cloned” Genesis consoles from RetroGen and AtGames. These are typically cheaply made, easy on the wallet, come with several built-in classic games and they’re fuckin’ EVERYWHERE! I’m not even kidding. I’ve found them book stores as well as Bed, Bath & Beyond. In fact, that’s where I purchased mine. Now, why would I buy one of these things? I have a CDX and a Model 1 Genesis. I certainly don’t NEED another Genesis. Why blow another $40 on something that undoubtedly wind up collecting dust in my closet? It’s simple, watch the video.

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Art contest winners announcement coming soon


I hate making an announcement of an announcement, but we’ve been getting some questions regarding this so I wanted to make a front page announcement.

This was originally supposed to happen last weekend, but I got caught up in other things and didn’t have time to choose a winner. We got some great entries after I last checked the submissions so I had to give some additional thought to who the winner will be. I will be going over all of the submissions and I will hopefully be able to announce a winner very soon. Though to answer some questions:

Any entries we got before today are valid for the contest and submissions meant for other things are also valid. See you soon with an announcement!