NiGHTS into Dreams free on Games With Gold November 1st – playable on Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Released October 2012 as part of the SEGA Heritage lineup, NiGHTS into Dreams was an excellent HD rerelease of the classic SEGA Saturn game. Initially released to PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, the game was added to Xbox One’s backwards compatibility lineup in November 2015. Now, as part of the Games With Gold service, NiGHTS into Dreams will be available from November 1 to 15 free to members of the service. As with past Games With Gold titles, once you download a Games With Gold title, you have access to it as long as you still have an active Xbox Live Gold membership.

Do you have the Games With Gold service, and if not would you join for a free download of NiGHTS into Dreams?

NiGHTS leaked Achievement list reveals Christmas mode has revealed the Achievement list for NiGHTS Into Dreams. The list (which I’ll reveal in the comments link) includes clearing Spring Valley in Christmas mode. This, along with the presents option finally confirms Christmas NiGHTS is in the game. However, it does not confirm playing as Sonic from the original demo but keep your fingers crossed!

Continue reading to see the full list.

Sonic Talk Episode 10 “Better Late than Never”


FINALLY!! Yours truly learned how to edit audio and has a double dose of Sonic Talk for you this week!

Sorry about the lateness of this episode. We recorded this just days before We left for the San Diego Comic Con and it took us forever to get it out. This episode has a lot of GX and Nuckles87 getting on each others nerves in a fun way while I’m lucky to get a word in. One thing I’ll say, this week’s episode has more music than ever before.