Hyperkin teasing RetroN 5 SEGA Master System & Game Gear converter


Via RetroCollect and posted on the Hyperkin Facebook page comes news that the company plans to release a 3-in-1 adaptor for the RetroN 5 which will allow gamers to enjoy SEGA Master System cartridges, cards and Game Gear cartridges. The reveal was made at CES in Las Vegas, and the adaptor is a standalone cartridge that will work on the RetroN 5 multi-system emulator which was released back in 2014. No additional information is known, but once we hear something we’ll be sure to post an update. No word if this will also work on a SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive.


SXSW 2014: Hands On with the RetroN 5


Photo courtesy of Hyperkin’s facebook page.

There wasn’t much of anything SEGA related at this year’s South By Southwest in Austin, Texas. However it did provide a chance to check out Hyperkin’s upcoming RetroN 5 console with a number of games to show off the system’s accuracy and additional perks.

The RetroN 5 is a major step up from the other RetroN consoles for a number of reasons. The system provides compatibility for a number of consoles including Nintendo, Famicom, Super Nintendo, Super Famicom, Genesis, Mega Drive, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games through its five cartridge slots on the system as well as Master System games via the Power Base Converter. But aside from the added compatibility, it makes use of emulators running on Android hardware instead of clone hardware to run the games. What this provides besides better accuracy, is the other benefits of game console emulation including save states, remapping buttons and macros on any controller, take screenshots, fast forward games, as well as several video filtering options.