Shining Series character designer teasing new game announcement soon

elwing-shining-tears-series-tony-taka-bow-weapon-wallpaperWe are getting closer to Tokyo Game Show, so you should be expecting some video game announcements before the event kicks off this September. It seems that the Shining Series character designer Tony Taka (who took over the series during the 2000s) is preparing several announcements including something this week on Weekly Famtisu.

“We are in earnest preparation, but there will be various rapid announcements from here on, Both hobby-related and game-related. Anyway, the end-of-month Hobby Japan and game magazines are a must see, so please make sure to get them. Incidentally, since this year is also the 20th anniversary since the artist Tony’s debut, there will also be something in commemoration.” – Tony Taka via twitter.

He gave that tweet a follow up on July 23rd, stating that he’s ‘Tony’s Heroine Works’ corner would be featured in Monthly Hobby Japan Magazine along with a five page special interview with himself and Satoshi Sakai (from SEGA, who took over the Phantasy Star brand). As for the tease for a new game:

Shining series fans should also please take a good look. Also, it seems like there will be something else on July 27, so please be prepared to run to the book store. And so… the official announcement is in this week’s Famitsu! Tony fans, make sure to get the Famitsu on sale July 27 (Thursday).” – Tony Taka tweet

Don’t worry, since Weekly Famitsu comes out on July 27, we should be expecting a leak either later today or early tomorrow. As for what it could be, maybe another Shining game with Tony Taka art, which a lot of retro Shining Force fans dislike. If only SEGA gave the Shining Force brand a Sonic Mania type retro treatment instead of pretending there isn’t anyone interested in the old Shining Force type games. Or maybe there isn’t? What do you think?

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SEGA shows off Tokyo Game Show 2016 stage schedule

Sega-TGS-2016-Stage-ScheduleSEGA is now showing of their Tokyo Game Show 2016 stage schedule. The games they are listed to be showing off at Tokyo Game Show 2016 includes Yakuza 6, Valkyria: Azure Revolution, Puyo Puyo Chronicle, and more. The schedule also includes games by WB and EA which SEGA is helping bring over.

Hit the jump and see the long list of SEGA Tokyo Game Show 2016 schedule, with set times and where to stream them.

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SEGA News Bits: SEGA says new Panzer Dragoon Won’t Sell

We did a news post on how Phantasy Star Online 2 producer Satoshi Sakai if they where every going to do a game with a Dragon protagonist like Panzer Dragoon, according to Satoshi Sakai SEGA isn’t in the position to have a game like that sell. So we sat down and discussed if there was a market for a game like Panzer Dragoon and if SEGA of today could manage to make the game sell.

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SEGA says they’re in a ‘difficult place for something like’ a new Panzer Dragoon to sell

SEGA’s Panzer Dragoon is one of those rail shooters with fantastic art style that blew lots of fans’ imaginations and many consider the franchise as being one of the most underrated SEGA games of all time. The Dengeki Playstation magazine decided to ask some SEGA developers some direct questions about the future of some SEGA entries, one being Panzer Dragoon. Satoshi Sakai (Producer Phantasy Star Online 2) was asked if the company would ever make a new Panzer Dragoon type game and he answered:

I would like to make it, but I’m sorry to say we’re in a difficult place for something like that to sell.

The other person that was asked a few questions for the magazine was Toshihiro Nagoshi (Daytona USA, Super Monkey Ball, Yakuza series) who was asked about making a new IP which he said is being considered, even though his team was making it seem like Yakuza franchise can’t last forever a few months ago.

As for Panzer Dragoon not ‘selling enough’ for a new entry, its hard to tell. There hasn’t been a new entry since 2002’s Panzer Dragoon Orta which sold 122,170 units in America alone. Its not a bad number (for being a early Xbox game) and its sad that SEGA never capitalized on it.

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Phantasy Star Online 2 coming to Playstation 4

PSo2 PS4
That is right, it has just been announced via a live Phantasy Star Online 2 stream via NicoNicoLive that Phantasy Star Online 2 will be coming the the Playstation 4. Not only that, the Playstation 4 build will be playable at this year’s Tokyo Game Show (which starts next month!). Ironically enough, the Playstation 4 build of the game will co-launch with ‘Reborn: Episode 4‘ game update.

When can you play sweet, sweet Phantasy Star Online 2 on your shiny new Playstation 4? If you live in Japan, sometime in 2016 and around the same time that Reborn: Episode 4 launches. What type of content does Episode 4 have? We don’t know the details yet, but we shall keep you updated on this blog when we find out more.

What about many of us that don’t live in Japan? Tough luck, SEGA hasn’t announced plans on bringing it West. Though, if they really want the game to be reborn, maybe releasing the game world wide will do that… just a thought, you know?


PSO2 Producer Satoshi Sakai briefs fans on upcoming features, reveals previous beta stats

 PSO2 Producer Satoshi Sakai sat down with fans recently to discuss the upcoming open BETA for Phantasy Star Online 2, as well as the final game, which is expected to launch in Japan this summer. They also revealed the stats of the last closed beta, and revealed that another closed BETA may be in order before they can continue with the open BETA. The stats for the closed BETA are as follows:

  • 147,000 CBT Client Downloads
  • 131,000 people participated in the Beta.
  • Average of 63,000 people login a day.
  • 23,500 simultaneous connections.

Phantasy Star Online 2 gets announced for Vita

Phantasy Star franchise mastermind Sakai has announced today that Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming to Playstation Vita, in 2013. Yeah, sucks that we have to wait that long. Look at it this way, in the US we will probably wait a lot longer, since the game isn’t even announced here yet.

So the video above might not impress you graphically, but keep in mind the game is only 10% complete. That means that the 3D models, shading and other effects are set to the lowest setting. The good thing? The Vita version will play on the same servers, use the same data as the PC version. So you can buy both and pick the game up on the Vita while you ride a bus. Technology, you gotta love it.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Media Briefing – Fan Subbed!

[Part 1]

I’m sure any avid PSO fan remembers that not so long ago there was a media briefing in Japan for Phantasy Star Online 2, given by the games producer ‘Dragon Sakai’ (Satoshi Sakai). The problem with Japanese media briefings is that, well, they’re in Japanese, a made up language that nobody really understands, similar to talking in tongues.

Thankfully fans exist and so the fan dub was born and so at long last we can present the entire Media Briefing subbed in English. The briefing was translated by Jeremiah Bourque while Ian R. Justman and Velocity7 who did the audio editing, and subtitling, so give them all a round of applause!

Hit the jump for part 2 and part 3 of the briefing!

Yakuza & Phantasy Star developers love Heavy Rain

Sony’s big budget story driven game gets love from SEGA’s Masayoshi Yokoyama (Yakuza 4) and Satoshi Sakai (Phantasy Star series), who confess that it is their favorite game released last year. Not only that, Sakai adds that he also enjoyed Call of Duty: Black Ops and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

Atsushi Inaba (from Platinum Games) said his favorite game last year was Mario Galaxy 2. I always keep on forgetting that the game came out last year. Just seems like it’s older!

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Game that shocked SEGA & Platinum Games producers in 2010

4Gamer talked to Japanese developers, asked them all the following questions:

  1. What game released in 2010 moved you or shocked you the most?
  2. What piece of entertainment (game or non-game) most impressed you in 2010?
  3. Give a message to fans

Two of the producers from SEGA & two people from Platinum Games happen to be on the list of Japanese developers to answer the questions. Hit the jump to find out their responses.

Unannounced Phantasy Star Online project in development

Seems that all the puzzle pieces are falling into place. Satoshi Sakai has recently teased that there is more than just Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity in development for PSO’s 10th year anniversary. The tease comes from Japanese magazine Dengkei Playstation.

“(Infinity) not the only PSO 10th anniversary project.”

Given that SEGA has renewed domain, Sakai has teased about a new console online Phantasy Star game before, I’m pretty sure its coming. If it does come, I hope PC, PS3 and 360 gamers can play together. Please?

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