Sonic 4’s physics finally fixed? “Affirmative”* bellows Balough!

Tomorrow will be the release of Sonic Talk: Episode 4. In it, we interview Ken Balough about all things Sonic 4:Episode 2. One thing that’s been discussed in other forums and kinda revealed lately is how the physics are shaping up and it’s all true. Here’s what Ken had to say on the new and improved Sonic 4-2 physics.

“You’ll notice the changes right from the get-go. We took fan feedback and made sure he doesn’t uncurl. So now when he rolls up those hills, he’ll stay in ball-attack form. The other thing was to start having the game have more momentum style physics similar to the Genesis. In act 2 of Silvania Castle, it starts off at a big hill. So if you just put Sonic towards the edge and have him tuck and roll (not spindash) and let him roll naturally, you can put your controller down because not only will he roll down that hill, but he’ll actually pick up speed and roll off a ramp (for example) and have it similar in essence to the way it was on the Genesis.”

Check out Sonic Talk 4:Episode 2 tomorrow to find out more on the physics, how Sonic CD is now embedded into Sonic 4 and the Genesis trilogy, what kind of adaption will be in the Archie magazine, which versions have “transfarring” and much more right here on SEGAbits!

*= He didn’t exactly say “affirmative”. It just sounds good in the header.

Sonic Talk #2: Early Bundle Edition

Because of some big, exciting Sonic news last week, we decided to do the second episode a week early! Unfortunately, it won’t be available until NEXT Monday unless you pre-ordered in advance and even then you get it with a small amount of memory and a crap game but you can’t resist because they put out all the software and accessories early and you don’t want to wait another week, you want it now!!!! “Huff. Puff.” In unrelated news, I have a Vita!

Our guests this week are GX Echidna from “The Spindash” podcast along with nSega54 while Nuckles87 takes the reigns as host. Read on to get full details on this episode.

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