Sonic Talk #2: Early Bundle Edition

Because of some big, exciting Sonic news last week, we decided to do the second episode a week early! Unfortunately, it won’t be available until NEXT Monday unless you pre-ordered in advance and even then you get it with a small amount of memory and a crap game but you can’t resist because they put out all the software and accessories early and you don’t want to wait another week, you want it now!!!! “Huff. Puff.” In unrelated news, I have a Vita!

Our guests this week are GX Echidna from “The Spindash” podcast along with nSega54 while Nuckles87 takes the reigns as host. Read on to get full details on this episode.

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What we’ ve been up to.


Sonic 4 episode 2 screenshots shown. What do we think of them? Were they influenced by Sonic Fan Remix? What does this mean for Sonic games going forward?

SEGA All Stars Racing 2 announced…sort of. What characters and features do we want to see added, what consoles?

Mario and Sonic 3 released on 3DS. Shigs has played it. What are his thoughts? If you’ve played the demo, comment in the thread or reply on Twitter.

–Topic of the week–

Sonic Game Discussion of the Show: Sonic 4 Ep 1. What are our thoughts on it? Will we see a remake of it to bring it up to snuff with Ep 2?

Comic Talk

Sonic Universe #37 discussion. Thoughts on final sub boss reveals!

Super Sonic Special #3 getting Sonic 4 adaption. What does this mean for the future of super specials? Will they gradually get more original content? Will game adaptions be restricted to the SSS magazine from now on?

–Question for the audience–

Have the Sonic 4 screenshots changed your opinion of the Sonic 4 episode series and SEGA’s handling of Sonic?


CARTOON TIME! Since Nux is hosting this week, I know he’s huge into politics and it’s President’s day. That’s why I picked this”Adventures of Sonic” cartoon with Robotnik running for president. Enjoy!


7 responses to “Sonic Talk #2: Early Bundle Edition

  1. -nSega54- says:

    lmao @ my mic dropping out for the Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing discussion…..

    Good timez.

  2. matty says:

    40:12 someone choking?
    Was that Sky Sanctuary from OC Remix? I have a similar track saved to my computer, but I lost the site where I got it from, but I know it’s not from OCR.

  3. EngineChaos says:

    Sonic 4 Episode 1 was 3D level geometry, 3D cell-shaded models and prerendered high-res textures. (With an orthographic gamera). Sonic 4 Episode 2 is all real time 3D graphics. It’s obvious.

  4. EngineChaos says:


  5. -nSega54- says:

    “Sonic 4 Episode 2 is all real time 3D graphics. It’s obvious.”

    Yeah I definitely think so. It being in real time 3D would also help to explain the lack of a Wii version.

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