Sonic Hacking Contest 2021 Trailer, List of Entries and Streaming Schedule Revealed

Another Sonic Hacking Contest is upon us, and to celebrate we have a trailer and a list of entries, as well as streaming schedules! Check out the trailer above, and click on over to the latest newsletter post on the official site showcasing the entries as well as all the streaming details.

All streams will be available to watch through the website at entries can be downloaded and played from Monday 11th October to Sunday 17th October. We can’t wait to see what fans have created!

Sonic Hacking Contest 2016 Goes Live


The 2016 Sonic Hacking Contest site is live, with 54 different hacks and mods to download and play! It is a yearly contest where members of Sonic Retro and Sonic Stuff Research Group show off their mods and ROM hacks. No account is required to play or download any of the hacks. Voting on entries requires a Sonic Retro or Sonic Stuff Research Group account to vote on the community trophies. You can also check the schedule for near-round the clock streams from folks like SomeCallMeJohnny, MegaGWolf, RedHotSonic and many more!

Downloading hacks are open until Sunday the 13th. Some mods you’ll encounter include ROM hacks of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic Pocket Adventure as well as mods for PC versions of the original Sonic Adventure DX release, Sonic Generations and Sonic Lost World. Check them out today!