Deals: Steel Empire 3DS port discounted to $9.99 on eShop

steel empire 3ds port sale

If you’re looking for something to pick up and play this weekend, then might I recommend the Steel Empire 3DS port? It normally runs for $29.99 on the Nintendo eShop, but is currently going for just $9.99.

Those unfamiliar with the relatively obscure horizontal shooter might find its steampunk aesthetic pleasing. You can choose to fight with either a plane or a blimp, but of course you’re going to pick the blimp nearly every time.

The Sega Genesis shooter was originally created by HOT-B, with the 3DS remake being developed by Mebuis. The 3DS version received fairly good reviews from respectable outlets. So if horizontal shooters are your thing, there’s no reason not to give it a shot.

We’d like to start posting about Sega deals more often again, so if you spot a sale going on, please let us know!

Sega Genesis/Mega Drive shooter Steel Empire slated to release on the Japanese 3DS eShop this month

Via Polygon comes news that the SEGA Genesis shooter Steel Empire, also known as Empire of Steel in Europe and Koutetsu Teikoku (鋼鉄帝国) in Japan, is set for a Nintendo 3DS release later this month. Members from the original development team, HOT-B, reformed to create Starfish which will be publishing the 3DS remake. Mebuis is in charge of remaking the game. Steel Empire is expected to release at the end of the month as a 2,940 yen eShop download.

Yoshinori Satake, former Hot-B lead game designer, is currently working on a sequel to the original game, entitled Burning Steel.