Sonic Adventure 2 and NiGHTS hit PSN today, XBLA on October 5th, PC in “coming months”

SEGA has released a launch trailer to celebrate the release of two more SEGA Heritage collection releases: Sonic Adventure 2 and NiGHTS Into Dreams. Both titles hit PSN today, and XBLA gets them on October 5th. Also available at launch will be Battle Mode DLC for Sonic Adventure 2, while NiGHTS will have Christmas NiGHTS content included at no extra cost. Those who buy a copy on PSN will receive a free exclusive NiGHTS or Sonic Adventure 2 theme for their PS3. As for the PC versions, SEGA says to stay tuned for more info and that they should arrive in the coming months.

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SEGA announces Jet Grind Radio for PSN/XBLA

Well, little else needs to be said. My only hope, and I know it might be a long shot, is that we get the whole soundtrack intact. The music, each and every song, is crucial to Jet Grind Radio, so hopefully SEGA won’t be pulling a Crazy Taxi on us.

No release date has yet been given for what will hopefully be a truly epic blast from the past. The teaser also does not indicate whether any new features or graphical improvements will be added.