Sonic Adventure 2 and NiGHTS hit PSN today, XBLA on October 5th, PC in “coming months”

SEGA has released a launch trailer to celebrate the release of two more SEGA Heritage collection releases: Sonic Adventure 2 and NiGHTS Into Dreams. Both titles hit PSN today, and XBLA gets them on October 5th. Also available at launch will be Battle Mode DLC for Sonic Adventure 2, while NiGHTS will have Christmas NiGHTS content included at no extra cost. Those who buy a copy on PSN will receive a free exclusive NiGHTS or Sonic Adventure 2 theme for their PS3. As for the PC versions, SEGA says to stay tuned for more info and that they should arrive in the coming months.


10 responses to “Sonic Adventure 2 and NiGHTS hit PSN today, XBLA on October 5th, PC in “coming months”

  1. CrazyTails says:

    You guys are lucky ^^

  2. AfterEights says:

    Excellent. I just heard also that SEGA is bringing out a limited edition of the new model PS3 with Yakuza 5, much like the Yakuza 3 bundle too, good times.

  3. Hitrax says:

    I’m surprised there’s been no mention of Dream Raiders here yet, a new Sega arcade title, don’t know if it’s a new Sega arcade console hardware or just a new Sega title for the RingEdge machine, but they say that if they can’t get at least a 100 likes on their Facebook page, they will upload a vid preview of it too and show it in action.
    Great Ad.

  4. Tiago says:

    Still no word for europe 🙁

  5. Friday will be full of paralooping at my house. Even though I own the game on the Saturn and play it on a semi-regular basis, I am really looking forward to seeing it with a new splash of HD paint. 😀

  6. SkyBlue says:

    Microsoft dropped the ball in terms of releasing it two days after Sony’s PSN service.

    I bet those who own both consoles went for the PSN version to not wait 2 more days.

  7. Reala says:

    It’s past October 5th and I checked the Xbox Live Marketplace. Where is Sonic and NiGHTS? It hasn’t been released yet, but I heard that someone spread a rumour for October 5th and everyone believed it. I WANT THIS GAME!

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