Yakuza 3 gets first developer diary

SEGA is doing a series of developer dairies with Nagoshi about Yakuza 3. Must be weird, since he is also promoting Yakuza 4 in Japan. Isn’t that sort of like, time travel? He talks about his influences and the Japanese way of telling stories.

I mean, not much new but I just enjoy watching Nagoshi speak, in a heterosexual way.


One response to “Yakuza 3 gets first developer diary

  1. Sharky says:

    I too just like to listen to Nagoshi speak, I may play this later to help drift off to sleep.

    But seriously, great! Advertisment! I hope in future Dev Diaries they splice in more ingame action and stuff for the people that are less interested in watching nagoshi open and close his mouth.

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