Rumor: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 being developed by Dimps?

This rumor comes from Microsoft’s Xbox Live Marketplace mini-site for Sonic the Hedgehog 4, if you read the developer it says Dimps. This might just mean that they are doing the XBLA port, maybe? I hope so.

But hey, if you love Dimps, this is a good thing right?


11 responses to “Rumor: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 being developed by Dimps?

  1. Sharky says:

    Do not want.

    Not that I dislike Dimps… Loved Sonic Rush! but… it wasnt Sonic 4.

  2. crackdude says:

    Humm.. The video below this post clearly says SONIC TEAM on the intro..

  3. George says:

    <blockquote cite="comment-145">

    crackdude: Humm.. The video below this post clearly says SONIC TEAM on the intro..  

    So did Sonic Rush.

  4. It's hilarious that fans will complain about Dimps, yet Sonic Team has brought us Heroes, Shadow and '06. Of course, it could very well be a collaboration of Dimps and Sonic Team members that brought us the HD Unleashed, and even then consider how few (if any) Sonic Team memebers remain from the glory days. With Takashi Iizuka the rumored director, there's no telling what sort of team is behind Sonic 4.

  5. east of eastside says:

    SFIV didn't suck and that was dimps codeveloped with capcom.

    ST w/ dimps coding it isnt a big deal.

  6. crackdude says:

    <blockquote cite="comment-147">


    So did Sonic Rush.  

    oh ok..

    Well, if it's a ST/Dimps co-op it's not a big deal..

  7. Sega Uranus says:

    Losing interest rapidly.

  8. nuckles87 says:

    Jesus people. You know Dimps has worked on more then Sonic Rush, right? Like….the momentum focused "Sonic Advance" game? People who would later go on to found Dimps also worked on Sonic Pocket Adventure, which is about as close as any developer has gotten to emulating how the old games played since the originals.

    I thought only Sonic fans where anal…would you REALLY prefer to people who brought you Shadow and Sonic 06 to be working on this? I would think you guys would be relieved…

  9. Sharky says:

    ^typical sonic fan overracting right there!

  10. nuckles87 says:

    I'LL SHOW YE OVERREACTING (mauls Sharky's nose)

    Seriously though, I've been dealing with this nonsense ever since I put the news story up on TSS. I'm like a powder keg with this negative nonsense right now. People have been critical over every second of footage and piece of art they've been able to get their hands on.

  11. SMS Skull Leader says:

    If this is more like Sonic Advance 1 it's win for me. Tough for a game that is called Sonic 4 it should aim at being in the same leagues as it's older megadrive brothers. Still Advance 1 was and is up to this day as close as we'll ever be to the classic ones until this game proves itself.

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