Wii Shop Channel Guide for SEGA Fans – Controller Adapters, Mega Drive & Genesis

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The Wii Shop Channel is beginning it’s operations to shut down the service on the 30th of January in 2019. Nintendo put out a reminder that the service will prevent you from being able to add points to purchase games from their service March 26th.

Not only will you be unable to redownload games you purchased from the service after the shutdown date, this will take away several games that include titles that are very difficult to find in the after market. Leading up to the closure of the service we will be posting articles featuring games that SEGA fans will want to keep their eyes on. SEGA has been a major supporter for the service since the beginning of Nintendo’s foray into the digital market. Starting off with titles from the Mega Drive and the Genesis, the service grew to provide cult favorites, rare and valuable titles and even imports from Japan. There are also a few WiiWare titles to consider, exclusive games that were hampered by small file size limits for developers and lack of advertising. We won’t exactly be recommending recommend Sonic 4 Episode 1, but it is worth mentioning since it will no longer be on sale.

SEGA Australia’s crazy pitch for remaking SEGA classics

[Above is SEGA Australia’s pre-alpha prototype pitch for Golden Axe remake under their label ‘SEGA Reborn’]

SEGA Australia isn’t known as the type of studio that had too many hits, but it seemed that the team was finally hitting their stride with the Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse remake that is coming out in early September. Sadly that will be the studio’s last game, since it was announced that they will be closing by the end of the year.

Seems that the studio pitched for a series of remakes, most notably ‘Golden Axe’ and all to be in a new label called ‘SEGA Reborn’. That’s not all though, the company thought that all these classics should take place in the same universe. Yes, we are talking about Marvel movie treatment with retro games. That would mean that a game like Out Run takes place hundreds of years after Golden Axe.

Much like its remake of Castle of Illusion, they where open to going in and adding new content and fixing issues the originals had. Some of the other games they talked about remaking included Streets of Rage and Shinobi. Hit the jump to see video of the ‘Golden Axe’ remake that the studio pitched to SEGA. 

Monster World IV and two more now on American Virtual Console (there’s still a Virtual Console!?)

Edit: Updated headline, joke still works.

The long awaited Monster World IV, as well as Super Hang-On and Wonder Boy in Monster Land, are now available to download on the American WiiWare Virtual Console. Each game is 900 Wii Store points, or around $9. If you have a PS3 or XBOX 360, it might be best to wait for the upcoming compilations which will feature sharper visuals, a slicker interface and more games for your buck. Still, great to see Monster World IV finally getting a release. We were talking about it as far back as this time last year.

Why Sonic 4: Episode II shouldn’t skip the Nintendo Wii

There have been a lot of talks since SEGA announced that Sonic 4: Episode 2 wouldn’t be headed for the Nintendo Wii. Many long time Sonic fans got angry, mostly because they only own Wiis. I know some of you might grunt at the thought of only owning a Nintendo Wii, but that’s their choice.

Not to mention that the first title appeared on the Wiiware service, got pretty good scores on the service. So why do you think SEGA pulled it and why do I think they should reconsider putting it back on the Wii?

Rumor: Sonic 4: Episode 2 to feature Tails and Metal Sonic?

According to the original rumor, the last bit of info confirms that Tails will be playable. Not only that, Metal Sonic would be the main villain. I guess there was something to that marketing for Sonic CD. Reading the info that the source gave, it seems the version he got was pretty early and sections of it weren’t completed yet.

You can select either Sonic or Tails before loading the first stage, but selecting Tails simply grants you playing as Sonic with a Tails life icon and ‘Tails got through Act X’ messages.
The level design consists of many bottomless pit areas and failing to avoid Metal Sonic after he teleports usually results in death.

I’ll be publishing the full e-mail later tonight for the interested. This seems like a given, at least to me. After Sonic CD coming out ‘before’ they announced this? I pretty much knew it was going to have Metal Sonic. Tails was a given because he was introduced in Sonic 2, so introducing him in Episode 2 makes sense. Like you can assume that Knuckles will be in 3.

Rumor: Sonic 4 Episode 2’s first stage called Cryptic Clock Zone?

Adding to yesterday’s exclusive rumor on Sonic Episode 2, this time we hope that we are revealing the first stage name for the game. According to the anonymous e-mailer the first zone is going to be titled ‘Cryptic Clock Zone’.

The first stage is titled Cryptic Clock Zone, set in a dark moonlit stonehenge like area.

I’m pretty sure if this turns out to be true, that this is an original level idea, unlike the first episode that seemed to borrow themes from past Sonic titles. Or am I wrong? Is there a super secret stonehenge inspired Sonic stage that I missed?

Edit: Put rumor in the title after some sites started running the story as a fact. This is a rumor and has been filed under rumor since I posted it.

Rumor: Sonic 4: Episode 2 not fixing physics complaints

We got an anonymous tip from a fellow reader that has actually played Sonic 4: Episode 2 and his opinion on the title wasn’t a positive one. He stated that the game uses the same physics from the first episode.

“I have obtained access to a prototype build via the Xbox Live PARTNERNET program, and what is concerning is that the physics are exactly the same as they were in Episode 1. Yes, letting go of the stick makes Sonic drop like a brick. The reason I am telling you this information is that if it is out in the open, the fans will have a chance to speak out and make Sega delay the game. I am worried if it is left too late Sega will push out yet another disappointing software product.” – Anonymous e-mail

Some fans didn’t seem to hate the new physics, but many did. We have more Sonic 4 information that he leaked, we will be posting something everyday, so come back when you can. Hopefully we can get some screenshots as well.

Edit: Put rumor in the title after some sites started running the story as a fact. This is a rumor and has been filed under rumor since I posted it.

Sonic 4: Episode 2 gets South Korean rating

So a South Korean rating board has now leaked the rating for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2. What does this mean? It means that it is coming very soon. You can see a picture of the rating here.

It seems that SEGA’s Ken Balough is also teasing the game. Saying they will talk about it more once Sonic CD is released. Come on SEGA, don’t just drop digital titles, do some online promotion through your community team and other sites to promote it. Hey, we are a site that would love to get some hands on with the next Sonic 4 episode (wink, wink).

Official Nintendo Magazine teases sidekick character for Sonic 4: Ep 2

UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine has put up a preview for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2. The preview was posted over in the Sonic Stadium forums, no scans as of right now. They did say that one of’ Sonic’s old side kicks will come back, most likely being Tails. But they also said this:

“Other than that, we’d expect more of the same from Episode II. More loops, more speed, more proper old-school Sonic physics and more awesome fake Mega Drive music complete with rubbish drum samples. Just the way we like it.”

Hard for me to take a magazine seriously that thought the first game had ‘proper old-school Sonic physics’. It didn’t. Unless they meant this new one had ‘more proper’ old-school physics, but I doubt that. Word for word preview after the jump.

[Via: TSSZnews]

First Sonic 4 Splash Hill act 1 speed run

This is the first speed run for Sonic 4, Splash Hill Zone Act 1 in a little over 40 seconds. Are you a bad enough dude to beat this speed run?

Good video to take tips from and try to approve upon. Good luck, you will need it.

[Thanks Barry]

Sonic 4 world map revealed

A YouTube video of the latest build of Sonic 4 shows off the game’s world map. A picture can be seen above. Looks pretty nice, right?

He tries to play the latest build without using homing attack, but does use it once, to break a rock. Game comes out in  about a week, who is buying?

[Source: TSS]

Sonic 4 hits the Casino Street – Trailer & Screens

The latest reworked stage from Sonic the Hedgehog 4 has been revealed thanks to a video and written preview from the folks at Joystiq! Just as Lost Labyrinth replaced the much maligned mine cart, Casino Street has been confirmed to have replaced the itty bitty act 2 pinball machine with a much sweeter card focused stage. Sonic is shown to use cards as platforms, as a way to win an extra life and as a fast moving platform. Way past cool! In fact, the final moment of the trailer was the first true instance in which Sonic 4 made me say “wow!” aloud. I was pro-Sonic 4 before, but now I think I have been welcomed to the next level.

Sonic 4 Lost Labyrinth trailer

So, what can we complain about this time? He runs… too fast? No, his shoes are the wrong red! He should be left handed!

But in all seriousness, personally I think this game is looking very, very good. Are people going to find things to complain about? Of course they will. But I’m seeing 2D game play, I’m seeing just Sonic playable, badniks, zones, platforming, no voice acting, no bad scripts, no shitty pop music. So, my personal biggest complaints have been delt with.

Will it have its faults? I guarantee it! Will it be the closest thing to classic Sonic we have seen in 15 odd years? I’m betting on yes.

Also If I’m not mistaken, this seems to be a newer build of the game. The Sonic model looks slightly different, moves slightly different. But I’ll let our forum members do the analyzing.