Rumor: Sonic 4 Episode 2’s first stage called Cryptic Clock Zone?

Adding to yesterday’s exclusive rumor on Sonic Episode 2, this time we hope that we are revealing the first stage name for the game. According to the anonymous e-mailer the first zone is going to be titled ‘Cryptic Clock Zone’.

The first stage is titled Cryptic Clock Zone, set in a dark moonlit stonehenge like area.

I’m pretty sure if this turns out to be true, that this is an original level idea, unlike the first episode that seemed to borrow themes from past Sonic titles. Or am I wrong? Is there a super secret stonehenge inspired Sonic stage that I missed?

Edit: Put rumor in the title after some sites started running the story as a fact. This is a rumor and has been filed under rumor since I posted it.


23 responses to “Rumor: Sonic 4 Episode 2’s first stage called Cryptic Clock Zone?

  1. Jak Saward says:

    Sonic 2 Beta much?

  2. sonicplayer says:

    Man i hope this is true, now we need video

  3. DarkFailure says:

    Did the anonymous source promise some footage of it, too?

    • George says:

      Yeah, he did. But seems to be slow at it. If there was footage, I would have posted it as not a rumor. I think once you have enough prove, like footage or screens, then its more fact than fiction.

    • DarkFailure says:

      That’s right. All I am hoping for is some visual proof at the moment. I don’t really care about the physics. I have just been waiting long enough for any signs of life of Episode 2.
      Thus a screenshot/video would be perfect.

      I still appreciate any kind of information you are posting here, though 😉

  4. HUNTER297 says:

    Wasnt Great Megalith from SatBK somehow Stonehenge-ish?

  5. JUrameshi says:

    Sounds like ClockWork Zone! XD

  6. Shigs says:

    George, until this info has some proof to it, do you mind replacing “exclusive” with “rumor”? I don’t like this TSSZ feeling we’ve had on the site as of late.

  7. nuckles87 says:

    Honestly, I hope this is all bupkus. I’d hate to go through Sonic 4 with the fanbase all over again…

  8. sonicplayer says:

    I don’t know if anyone knows or cares, but this is the ken balough hint: “And as promised – here is the Hint

    If you’re an Episode II fan
    I would go back to where the Sonic 4 Campaign first began
    In a month filled with presents and Christmas hams
    think of the day, the HMS Warrior first swam”

    wtf does that even mean -_-

  9. DarkFailure says:

    “wtf does that even mean -_-”

    The date the HMS Warrior first swam was December 29
    The place where the Campaign began is the official SEGA blog (if I remember correctly)

    The official announcement will be on December 29 on the official SEGA blog.

  10. Jak Saward says:

    Ken gave me a PM saying that Cryptic Clock is NOT the name of the first level.

  11. Ricardo says:

    @Jak Saward – You do know that anyone at SEGA will be willing to lie so badly, just to cover their asses, right?

    I’m pretty sure this is legit. Unless Ken makes a statement, I’m not believing crap he says.

    When Sonic CD was coming tomorrow (but no one knew), people kept asking SEGA, and SEGA said it does not come out tomorrow, though we still promise its coming this holiday. -_- They lied, and Sonic CD came out tomorrow. Don’t believe anything Ken says.

  12. MatrixEvolution17 says:

    I think that this could be true, I remember seeing a dark moonlit area on the world map in Episode 1, plus it’s not rehashed so that seems pretty cool. Also it’s seems that they’re going back to naming stages like they did in Sonic CD, y’know how each stage contained two words each starting with the same letter as the first word “Cryptic Clock Zone”.
    Meh, maybe I’m just getting too many ideas this probably might not even be true…

    • Ricardo says:

      You’re right! I remember on the far right of the map, it was nightime and the theme was like a canyon.

      Though the anonymous emailer could still be tricking us by thinking of the same thing we just did.

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