Dreamcast + Millennium Falcon = Awesome

SEGA mods are the best, but what about a SEGA and Star Wars mod? Holy crap, that sounds amazing. Someone has just done that, its as if they divided by zero. “Pezzapoo” from the Ben Heck forums has put a Dreamcast into a Millennium Falcon toy.

“As soon as I saw these caricature versions of the Star wars toys I thought about the Dreamcast and how the fun little console would feel right at home inside one. Strangely the DC game port facia fitted directly into the toy with about a mill to spare so I knew it was meant to be! Two side docking ring fans keep the hot DC from melting. Lots of soldering and the switch was added to turn on the GDROM. No paint was applied.”

Now I wonder what else we can shove a Dreamcast into?

[Source: Dvice]


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