GunBlade NY/LA MachineGun Announced for Wii

“Two SEGA arcade stalwarts are coming to Nintendo Wii, break out the zapper – its time to dispense some airborne justice!”

Two of the finest on rail shooters of all time, just oozing with that quirky ‘blue sky’ charm Segas arcade divisions does so well. And they are coming to Wii!

It’ll be interesting to see how well this sells, To me this looks fantastic but to the average Wii owner this may just looks like an on rail shooter with ‘poor graphics’.

Time will tell, but I can’t help but feel this would be best suited on XBLA/PSN.

[Thanks Storm!]


8 responses to “GunBlade NY/LA MachineGun Announced for Wii

  1. I'd love to see a few more "Arcade Hits" packs. This looks awesome, btw.

  2. STORM! says:

    The question is if there are extras or not…

    I'm happy 'cause now I can see the ending of both titles. Never finished on the arcades ;p Played a lot though.

  3. Centrale says:


    As a long-time gamer, I can appreciate the aesthetic of the earlier era of graphics without any hesitation. Especially the fact that it appears to be a perfect arcade-to-home port. But it is an interesting contrast to how they handled Jambo Safari, which received quite a graphic overhaul. There seems to be no consistent strategy, just trying different things to see if anything works well.

  4. Shigs says:

    They might just be putting this out as a quick, $20 retro port. It's odd too see such a low poly game in this day and age. Now when do we get our Virtua Cop trilogy?

  5. cube_b3 says:

    How old is this game graphically it appears to predate HOTD2.

  6. Sharky says:

    <blockquote cite="comment-689">

    How old is this game graphically it appears to predate HOTD2.  

    I think the sequal LA MachineGun was a 1999 game.

  7. DJ Fob Fresh says:

    I hope they release more arcade classics as well.

    I think the difference between these titles and Jambo! Safari is that this lightgun pack is directed at an older audience of core fans who appreciate the arcade replica style.

    SEGA really went for the kid market with Jambo, they partnered with National Geographic and Pizza Hut.

  8. SufferLikeGDid says:

    I love 2010 XD Seriously, SEGA is making a lot of folks happy this year.

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