Conduit 2 – Intro Trailer

“Conduit 2 fans rejoice, today we reveal new video footage of High Voltage Software’s Wii FPS! The video, which features a cinematic look at Conduit details the ending from Conduit 1 and the intro for Conduit 2.”

Well, the intro looks good at least. I get a bit of a Half Life 2 vibe from it, I think that’s what they were trying to capture with ‘The Conduit’ story line.

Yeah, I don’t expect it to play anything like Half Life either… But it would be nice!


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  1. CrazyTails says:

    I haven't noticed any other fans in this website but I am a big fan of this game. Epic intro.

    Looking forward to this game alot. Goldeneye really made some major competition. I really hope this will surpass it because Goldeneye is a really solid game but I prefer the conduit concept alot better. The weopons and everything are just great.

    From what i've seen the game looks really promising. Only gripe with the previous game is the visuals and frame rate. Hope they get those things right with the delay andd everything.

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